750 prize bond list 2022 Pakistan Check Online

Last Updated on: 16th October 2022

Today bond Result 2022 – 750 prize bond list 17 October 2022 Check Online from this page. It is possible to see the results of the Draw #92 750 Rs Prize Bond List here on the internet. The previous Lottery Draw No. 91 was released in the city of Lahore on 15 July 2022. Draw number 90 of rupees 750 prize bonds was made on April 15, 2022, in Karachi. On the 15th of April 2022, Lottery Draw No. 90 was released in the city of Karachi. Latest Lottery Draw No. 92 was released in the city of Quetta in October 2022. The amount of the prize bond that was won was Rs. 1,000,000. 750 prize bonds list 2022. RS 750 prize bond draw list check from this page. The next draw list will be updated here on this page.

750 Prize Bond List 2022 Quetta Draw

Karachi: The results of the online prize bond list are out. Check out Draw #92 and 750 Rs Prize Bond. You can also find the full amounts of the Rs.750 prize bond from the first draw to the most recent draw by going to the official website, or by going to savings.gov.pk. Also, the National Bank of Pakistan has a list of the 750 Prize Bond results that were released on 17 October, 2022. 750 prize bonds list 2022

750 Prize Bond List 2022 Karachi

RS 750 prize bond draw list check from this page. The 750 prize bond

750 prize bond list

Each prize bond has a certain amount of money in it, and the full Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2022 has all of this information in it. It runs from January to December 2022. It could be different if a public holiday falls on a drawing day in 2022. Prize Bond Schedule 2022 List Prize Bonds will move to these dates if Pakistan has a public holiday, so you should be aware of this.

Prize bond schedule 2022 of Rs 100, 200, 750, 1500

There is a prize bond list for the whole year that includes the dates, times, and cities where lucky draws will be held. The DG National Saving Bank of Pakistan takes into account these dates, times, and cities when announcing prize bond results.

Rs. 750/-15 April 2022FridayKarachi
Rs. 1500/-16 May 2022MondayRawalpindi
Rs. 100/-16 May 2022MondayFaisalabad
Rs. 40,000/-10 June 2022FridayMuzaffarabad
Rs. 25,000/-10 June 2022FridayHyderabad
Rs. 200/-15 June 2022WednesdayMultan
Rs. 750/-15 July 2022FridayLahore
Rs. 1500/-15 August 2022MondayPeshawar
Rs. 100/-15 August 2022MondayMuzaffarabad
Rs. 40,000/-12 September 2022MondayKarachi
Rs. 25,000/-12 September 2022MondayFaisalabad
Rs. 200/-15 September 2022ThursdayHyderabad
Rs. 750/-17 October 2022MondayQuetta
Rs. 1500/-15 November 2022TuesdayKarachi
Rs. 100/-15 November 2022TuesdayRawalpindi
Rs. 40,000/-12 December 2022MondayMultan 
Rs. 25,000/–12 December 2022MondayLahore
Rs. 200/-15 December 2022ThursdayFaisalabad

750 prize bond results

Look up the list of 750 prize bond results as of April 15, according to the National Bank of Pakistan’s plan for that date, as well. You can also check it out. It was the State Bank of Pakistan that did the voting for rupees 775 prize bonds, so they did that. Voting is done by the State Bank to decide how much 750 rupees is worth. Prize money. It costs 750 rupees to win the first prize. 750 prize bonds list 2022.

750 prize bond Result 2022 Online

The winner of the first prize bond, worth 1,000,000 PKR, was chosen by chance. The third prize for the same bond worth 500,000 was awarded to three lucky people. One winner will get a prize bond worth 150,000 PRK. The second prize of a prize bond worth 750 rupees out of Rs.500,000 is given to three lucky people. 750 prize bonds list 2022.

Today 750 Prize Bond List 2022

If you win the third prize, you’ll get a 750 rupees prize bond. The amount of rupees 9,300 will go to 1696 winners. Each winner of the 750 reward bond gets Rs.9,300. This is the last and third award of the bond, and it goes to 1696 people. When did the Pkr750 prize Bond results come out? They came out on April 15, 2022. It’s now easier than ever to check your winnings online by going to our amount and clicking on it.

Prize Bond List 750 Online Checks 2022

Reward bonds worth Rs750 will be drawn on Friday, April 15, 2022. The draw of the Rs. 750 prize bonds in 2022 will be made public on www.savings.gov.pk for everyone. You can get all the information from this site right now.

750 Prize Bond List 2022 Online Check 15 April

One million rupees will be awarded to the winner who is chosen the first time around. Three prizes worth Rs 500, 000 each have been set aside for second-place winners, and there are three of them. So, you can check the results of Rs. the 750 draw No. 90 online from the 15th of April 2022 in Karachi. In the same way, each of the 1696 winners will get Rs 9, 300 in third prize money.

750 Prize Bond List 2022 Online Check 15 April

It’s easy to look at the list of 750 Prize Bond results from Karachi in April on the internet. Current exchange rates for these currencies are shown in the table below: The US Dollar, Saudi Riyal, UAE Dirham, UK Pound, and other currencies from other countries are on the interbank market right now. The prize bond list for the 2022 draw can be found on the internet and can be used to download.

How to Check 750 Prize bond list 2022?

On April 15, 2022, the Rs. 750 Prize Bond Result was announced in Karachi. You can check your winning prize amount by clicking on our website. On this page, we show you the results of the Prize Bond List Draw # 90 for participants who buy these bonds. Lottery No. 90 of Rs. 750 was drawn in Karachi on April 15, 2022, and now participants who want to check the draw list can do so from this page. Check the lottery results online for participants who bought a prize bond worth Rs. 750, as shown in the steps below.

In the 91# draw, the lucky numbers 321896, 828159, and 873486 each won Rs.500,000. 750 Rs. The Draw #91 Prize Bond Result, which was held in Lahore on July 15, 2022, can be seen or downloaded today. On this page, you can see how Draw number 91 turned out.

Check Online Prize Bond 750 Draw List 17 October 2022

Check the Rs. 750 Prize Bond Draw No. 91 from Friday, July 15, 2022, in Lahore. It was revealed who won the 91st 750 draw, which took place in Lahore on July 15, 2022. Find the Rs. 750 Prize bond list for July 2022 on the CDNS website.

750 Prize Bond List 2022 Check Draw 92 Quetta 17 October

The winner of the Rs. 750 Prize Bond Lahore Draw #92 was the first person to claim the Rs. 1.5 million prizes. 722561 was that person. In the 91# draw, the lucky numbers 321896, 828159, and 873486 each won Rs.500,000. The full information about the 750 Prize bond with a 91st number, a date of July 15, 2022, and a third prize amount of Rs. 9,300 is given below.

750 prize bond complete list 17 October 2022 Online

Download the full list of winners for the Rs. 750 Prize bond draw No.91, which will be held on July 15, 2022. The Rs. 750 Prize bond result for 17 October 2022 in Lahore can also be checked online.

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