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Updated: September 27

DLS Sindh Online Appointment on this page. Keeping in mind the Covid-19 social distance practice, the Driving License Unit of Sindh Police has created an Online Pre-Appointment Management System. With this system, any applicant can reserve a time slot before going to a Driving License Branch to get his or her license request processed. This can be done by visiting our web portal at www.dls.gos.pk. The Driving License Department is an important part of the Sindh Police. Its job is to make sure that qualified drivers know how to drive safely and follow the rules of the road.

DLS Online Appointment 2022

A driving license is an important document, even more, important than your national ID card, because it gives you the right to drive your car on public roads after you pass a series of tests designed to teach you about road rules and safety. A driving licence is an official document that lets its holder operate different types of motor vehicles on public roads. This department is always working, coming up with new ideas, and putting them into action.

DLS Sindh Online Appointment
DLS Sindh Online Appointment

Processes of Computerized Driving License

There are several ways to get a driver’s licence, depending on the category and conditions:

  1. Online Pre-Appointment
  2. Show up at the front desk to confirm your pre-appointment.
  3. Screening, the process of signing up, and SNAP
  4. Checkup by a doctor (Doctor)
  5. Fee deposition process (NBP Counter)
  6. Written & Oral Test Process (on the computer)
  7. Driving Test.
  8. Getting the last copy of the driving licence.

Note: The applicant will get their driving license card at their home through the TCS process.

DLS Sindh Online Appointment Requirement

– You must be at least 18 years old. – Have a valid CNIC in its original form. – Be in good shape and able to see 6/6.

DLS Online Apply 2022

We have made it possible to check driving licenses online in all categories through this portal and the Public app, which you can get for free from the Google Play Store. License Verification, License Fee Structure, License History, Applicant Enquiry, Driving License Branches Address, Theoretical-Road Test Preparation, etc. are some of the services that are offered. Through this app, anyone can visit or use often and give feedback. DLS Sindh Online Appointment.

What is the fee for licenses?

Fee Structure

CategoryLeaner License FeePermanent DLRenewal within 30 daysRenewal after 30 days
New Learner LicenseRenewal of Learner License3 Year5 Year3 Year5 Year3 Year5 Year
Motor Cycle50100510660310460435660
Car + Motor Cycle15010014101860810126011851860
LTV + Motor Cycle15010014101860810126011851860
HTV + Motor Cycle150100Nill1060166015602460

DLS Sindh Online Appointment 2022

Learn more about the four possible competitors. Driving licenses from Sindh and apps for phones. All driving license offices in Sindh are set to reopen on a certain date. Everyone who wants to apply should make an appointment with our DLS. Police went missing, and now that we have good information about when we will try to get them back, we know when we will try to.

DLS Verification 2022

Check document numbers Consiliumeuropaeu. Driving License Issue Management System With DLS Phase-I, the process of renewing and upgrading a driver’s license is done automatically. This is. Driving License Sindh Police by DLS Sindh Police Those who are interested in. Driving Licence Sindh, or DLS, as the department is called, lets you check your license and schedule a driving test through its website. However, the DLS application has a wider range of uses.

DLS Online Token 2022

RFID driver’s licences make it easier to check a person’s identity, protect their privacy, and meet road safety rules LTVHTVPSV 1. Click Here to Check LTV and HTV Online in Sindh. This is done with NADRA to make sure the information is accurate, and it will help the National. When renewing the centre or getting a licence for a Sindh site, the CNIC number from Karachi is valid and accepted. It’s easy to get in touch with Sindh.

dls gos pk Registration 2022 Online

Check your driving licence in Karachi and the description. It’s easy to find the closest branch of your driving licence to make sure that your family member filled out the application correctly. DLS-Sindhcom License to Drive in Sindh. How to Get a Driver’s License Online in Pakistan. One of the DLS, the dl branch, has an e-ticket that lets you let the user know that you are waiting for moderate. To put an end to the Sifarish culture, the Lahore Traffic Police decided to change the way driving tests are done.

www.dls.gos.pk Online Registration 2022

At the end of 2016, the app came out. The Driving Licence Sindh app has made all of the department’s services digital, so now anyone can use them from the comfort of their own home. The app lets you do a lot of things online, like apply for a driving licence and take the theory test. You can also check if a licence is still valid, pay the fee for a driving licence, and find the closest driving licence office in Sindh before going to a centre to take the driving test.

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