E-Transfer Policy 2022 Application Form Merit List

Electronic Transfers in 2022 southwestern provinces of Pakistan The Punjab government in KPK has implemented a policy allowing instructors to be transferred between schools. E-Transfer Policy 2022 Application Form Merit List. The Punjab School Education Department has released an SIS app for E transforming, according to the department. Free and equitable teacher transfers are being implemented by Punjab’s Education Minister. The online application site is accepting applications. The education ministers of Sindh, KPK, and Punjab are to oversee the transfer process. The governments of Sindh, KPK, and Punjab has utilized electronic transfer public schools in Punjab, Pakistan, to input data in real-time used the School Information System (SIS). Through the SIS App, transfer applicants will be able to observe every step of the procedure.

E-Transfer Policy 2022 pdf

They’ll be relieved to learn that they’re not the only ones. State institutions in Punjab will soon be able to transfer instructors online thanks to a new system being developed by the Punjab School Education Department. Approximately 336,000 female and male instructors work in 53,000 schools. The School Information System (SIS) app is used by public schools in Punjab, Pakistan, to input data in real-time. Punjab was the first state to implement this E-Transfer Policy. You must join up for this Android app via the School Education Department.

E Transfer Policy 2022

There will be significant shifts in E-Transfer during the next several years. The Department of Public Instruction (EE) plans to adapt to E-Transfer significantly in August. They issued a warning to the Punjab School Education Department’s Special Secretary Operation. To support educators with e-Transfers in 2022, it is suggested that an urgent meeting with PITB be convened. The following is a list of things to keep an eye out for. E Transfer Policy 2022 may be accessed through a direct link.

SIS Punjab Govt PK User Login

Teachers may request a transfer using the School Information System (SIS) App in three easy steps.

  • Log in to the app by downloading and installing it.
  • Verify anything you’ve written.
  • Verify the information you’ve gathered.
  • Complete and submit the Preference form.

Any queries concerning your username or password should be sent to us (042-111-11-2020).

E-Transfer Policy 2022 Application Form Merit List

The Sindh bureau has just endorsed the E-Transfer framework for the convenience of Sindh Province’s educators. Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Sindh has said that Sindh has three zones: Red, Green, and Yellow.

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SED E-Transfer 2022

Now, the educator who needs to relocate may apply electronically using the E-Transfer framework from here. ‘ The Punjab government is familiar with the E-move framework, which aims to simplify and rationalize the exchange structure. In a sense, the trade will be based on merit.


e Transfer Punjab 2022

This page contains all of the information you need to know about the E-Transfer Policy 2022. The application form for the Punjab Education Department’s E-Transfer Policy 2022 is now accessible here or on the department’s official website. The Punjab government has completed all tasks related to streamlining the teacher transfer process as part of the E-Transfer Policy 2022. E-Transfer Policy 2022: Application Form, Latest Notification, E-Transfer SIS Login Procedure, etc. may be found here.

E Transfer Policy 2022 KPK

Because this e-migration application requires teachers to register for relocation on the internet, login information and a secret word have already been provided to each one of their mobile phones. Until August 18, instructors have been given the chance to transmit their information in the framework before each one of these events takes place.

e Transfer Schedule 2022

You may download the E-transfer policy 2022 in PDF format from this website. There will be no favoritism in the move. Once you’ve applied for an E transfer, you’ll want to stay in touch with us to see whether you’ve been accepted or rejected. Check out the E Transfer Policy 2022 by clicking on the link.

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Under the new e-transfer policy, Murad Raas indicated that female instructors will get instant relief. Teachers wishing to transfer, regardless of gender, must use the e-Transfer Policy 2022 system to submit their requests. The E-Transfer Policy 2022 Application Form may be downloaded here using the direct link provided below.

E Transfer Policy 2022 Sindh

Self-reporting information through the School Data System SIS App is being encouraged by Punjab’s school administrators. They can instal this software on Android devices. Instructors who have already registered with the School Education Department may only use this application. With this E-move framework, teachers who are serving distant from home will genuinely be interested in exchanging places with their colleagues. This website provides information on the progress of the Transfer Policy 2022.

Schools.punjab.gov.pk E-Transfer Policy 2022

If you’ve got a candidate in the red zone, you’ll be shifted to green. In the red zone, there is a higher percentage of teachers than students. For an educator, there would only be one chance to take part in an E-Move exchange in a year. As soon as there is a free vacant position at the seeing exchange, a move will be made. For the benefit of educators, they may find a direct link to the Transfer Policy 2022 on this website.

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