ETEA Roll Number Slip 2022 SST Download

ETEA Roll Number Slip 2022 SST Download

ETEA Roll Number Slip 2022 SST Download now you can get your ETA Roll Number Slip SST General and SST Bio 2022. Is there any way to get the ETEA Written-test Roll Number Slip for 2022? Visit the link below. They hired the KPK Government to teach in primary schools.

It was the Elementary and Secondary Education (ESED) Department that put the jobs for PST, SSR, PET, DM, and Qari/Qaria up on ETEA. People can apply for ETEA teacher jobs online until December 31, 2022. ETEA has also declared the roll no slip of CT, PET, DM, AT, CT-IT, TT and Qari / Qaria on official website. Here we have given quick links to download the urgently.

ETEA Roll No Slip 2022

The ETEA PST PET DM SST Written Tests with Roll Number Slips have been made public. ETA Roll No Slips can also be downloaded. SST Science and SST Science SST chemistry, SST biology, and SST IT are all going to be done in 2022, so they’ll all be done at that time. Now, there are ETEA Roll Number Slips for 2022 Primary School Teacher jobs on the ETEA website.

ETEA Roll Number Slip 2022 SST Download

During the written test for the ESED Primary School Teacher Jobs 2022, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Education Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA) gave the SST Physics and Chemistry and the SST Maths and Biology, and the SST Information Technology.

Make sure you get the 2022 ETEA SST General Roll Number Slip. The ETEA PST Roll Number Slip 2022 can be found here. To Register with ETEA, you have to get the application form and get your roll number slips and then attempt the entry test. Without your ETEA. All applicant who are waiting for roll no slips they can easily get roll number slip through Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency ETEA exam department.

ESE SST Jobs ETEA Roll No Slip Download Online

ETEA Roll Number Slip 2022 SST Download
ETEA Roll Number Slip 2022 SST Download

More than 7 million people have applied for teaching jobs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which must be filled by 2022. School Education will need 3000 new teachers by the year 2022. For this week’s Primary School Teacher Jobs Written Test Roll Number Slip 2022, click here.

Online applicants for School Teacher Jobs 2022 in Khyber can get ETEA Roll Number Slips for drawing teacher, science subject teacher, Qaria, Qari, and other jobs in Khyber. PST ETEA Roll No Slip 2022 Download Online By CNIC No Test Date and Syllabus via for P&SED ETEA Roll Number Slip 2022.

ESED Jobs ETEA Roll No Slip 2022

The Roll Number Slips for the SST Written Exam 2022 have been made available by ETEA on the ETEA site. So the SST Written Tests will be held by ETEA on January 29, 2022, and January 30, 2022. ETEA SST 2022 candidates can now get their ETEA SST Roll Number Slip. The SST Roll No Slip can be found at the link below. It will soon be possible to get the roll number slips for all of these tests.

  1. Bio-Chem (BPS-16) in the ESED KP (Advertised in Dec-2022)
  2. SST Phy-Math BPS-16 in ESED KP (Advertised in Dec-2022)
  3. of SST IT (BPS-16) in ESED KP
  4. The SST General (BPS-16) in ESED KP (Advertised in Dec-2022)

ETEA PST CT SST Test Slips 2022

There is a job open at the Elementary and Secondary Education Department ESED SST Jobs. Each job comes with a list of required education and work experience. Therefore the Roll No Slip for ESE SST jobs ETEA can be found here. Primary and secondary school are both ways to learn.

The ETEA test roll number slip for the ESE SST jobs in 2022 is here. Pakistan has a primary and secondary school system. People from the KPK who want to work as an SST must apply to ESE. They must also meet the educational and experience requirements. Educational Testing Evaluation Agency ETEA is going to release roll no slip of recruitment test. Official site of ETEA

How to Download ETEA Roll No Slip?

  • All applicants can get their roll number slips at the home address that is most responsive to them.
  • The internet site can also be used to get roll number slips for people who want to apply.
  • You can get roll number slips by following these steps:
  • There is a website called where students must put their CNIC numbers in order to get a scholarship.
  • They will get their roll number slips a little more than a week before the exam so that they can study.
  • If a candidate wants help, they can print off their personal information from this website and bring it to the ETEA support desk when they come in to get help.
  • Students can get their roll number slips, exam center information, and more by giving their CNIC number when they sign in to their account.
  • Candidates can also print their own copies of the official scorecards. To print your ETEA Jobs Test Roll No Slip, choose the print option and press (ctrl+p).
  • As long as the ETEA roll number slip has the candidate’s picture on it, even if they didn’t put it on their application form. result 2022 by name roll no

For KPK ESE SST jobs in 2022, you can get your roll slip by name and CNIC here. So Roll No Slips and the Results of Elementary and Secondary Education KPK ESE SST Jobs 2022 have been released by the Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency ETEA on this page below. You can see them on this same page.

Education Department ESED KPK SST Jobs 2022 is looking for well-educated and capable people for a wide range of jobs, including SST. It’s our job to help you get the Elementary & Secondary Education ESE SST Jobs 2022 roll no slip. In this article, you can know about ETEA Roll Number Slip 2022 for primary school teacher PST. roll no slips 2022 for PST (BPS-12).

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