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FIA Interview Call Letter 2022 | FIA Interview Slip 2022 Download

FIA Interview Call Letter 2022 | FIA Interview Slip 2022 Download. The FIA Interview Schedule, the test date and time of those who passed, has been sent out. Here, you can download the FIA Interview Call Letter for 2022. Everyone who took the written test now has to wait to see which candidates made the final cut and when they’ll be interviewed. Officials say that from March 28, 2022, FIA interviews will be held for a number of jobs in the FIA department of the Pakistani government. People who made the cut will soon be able to print their interview slips through this portal.

FIA Interview Call Letter 2022 Download Test result Date

Download the FIA Interview Call Letter for 2022 right now to get ready for the interview. The interview schedule for people who were chosen to work for the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) has been changed. Candidates are very excited when their written and physical test results come in. They are looking forward to the final merit list and interview dates. From March 28 through March 28, 2022, FIA is having interviews with people who want to work there for the next two years.

FIA Interview Call Letter 2022 Download Now

The date and time of the skill test will be posted on this site soon. So check the website often for the most up-to-date information. Later, the date for downloading the interview slips for the jobs of LDC, Stenotypist, and Naib Qasid will be made public.

FIA Interview Call Letter
FIA Interview Call Letter

FIA Interview Slip 2022 Download pdf               

FIA’s job site,, will say when the interview will be on March 28, 2022, after FIA’s written exam results come out. Only those who have been chosen to move on will be contacted for an interview. Over 1,000 jobs were advertised in June 2021. The FIA Physical Running Test results were made public on December 3, 2021, and the results were made public. result 2022

We tell them. The final timetable for 2022 has been changed for a number of FIA jobs that were not filled. In this article, you can see the FIA Interview Schedule and Merit List. You can also print or save them. People who have been chosen for the FIA Interview by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) have been told that they can now set up the interview.

FIA Announcement Call Letter  Interview 2022

A direct link to the FIA’s website is at the bottom of this page. There, you can get the FIA interview notice for 2022. Keep in mind that the FIA will soon send text messages to all candidates who were chosen. This is because I’ve written down all of the important information about Interview Schedule 2022 below, like the date/time and location of the interview.

FIA Virtual University Written test Result 2022

There were a lot of people interested in the FIA Department’s Screening Test. On February 15, 2022, it was announced that the written results had been made public. The FIA Interview Schedule for 2022 is now being looked at by a lot of people who want to get in. The FIA Interview Schedule for 2022 has been released. The date and time of the interview have been set.

FIA Registration Slip 2022 for Interview

There are many jobs at the FIA Federal Investigation Agency this year that you can apply for, like assistant, steno typist, Upper Division Clerk (UDC), Lower Division Clerk (LDC), Assistant Sub Inspector (ASIS), Constable and Dispatch Rider (Naib Qasid).

List of Rejected students for the post of Naib Qasid

Check out this page to see the results of the Federal Investigation Agency jobs exam and see who got the best grades. FIA jobs can be found online at Check this page for the FIA Result 2022 Merit List and the list of people who were chosen. This link will take you to a page with the final merit lists for Assistant, Sub Inspector Investigation (SI), Stenotypist, UDC, Assistant Sub Inspector Investigation (ASI), and Constable jobs. The results of the FIA Test have been made public by the #VirtualUniversity. The fia merit list for 2022 will be made public here in the next few days or weeks.

FIA Call Letter  Interview Date 2022

Successful candidates have been given advice by the FIA. Only people who have been chosen for an interview will get a text message. In the FIA Assistant Merit List, you can now see how many people made the cut.

Federal Investigation Agency  FIA Interview Schedule 2022

For the rest of the month, there will be FIA Written Tests. They start on Monday, December 13th. They were made public on February 20, 2022. If a candidate wants to be considered for the final selection, they must pass the FIA Written Test.

FIA List of Interview

Written tests began on Monday, December 13. From January to March of 2022, students will be able to see their written test scores. This is where you can find out about jobs at the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2021. Pay attention to the specifics of your call letter and the list of people who got in.

FIA Naib Qasid Interview test result  Date 2022 It’s time to look at the written exam results for jobs in 2022 right now! FIA written test results can be checked online by candidates who want to get their 2021 Virtual University or FIA job exam results. In the Federal Investigation Agency, there are now 1143 jobs that need to be filled. There are now Sub Inspector, Sub Inspector Investigation, Assistant, and Assistant Sub Inspector jobs.

List of Shortlisted students Called for Interview

A message will now be sent to those applicants who were still waiting to find out if they had been chosen. FIA Physical Test Result 2022: How can I find out if I passed the FIA Physical Test 2022? Friday, December 3, 2022 was the date that the results for the FIA Physical Test 2022 were released.

FIA announcement Interview  Date2022

We tell them. The final timetable for FIA’s 2022 races has added a number of seats that haven’t been filled. In this article, you can see the FIA Interview Schedule and Merit List. You can also print or save them. There was just a notice from the Federal Investigation Agency that they are now ready to do the FIA interview from people who were chosen.

FIA 2022 joining Letter

The FIA Federal Investigation Agency has released the FIA Interview List 2022 for a variety of jobs, including Assistant and Sub Inspector Investigation. So the FIA is looking for people who can help with investigations and typing. The FIA is looking for people who can help with cooking and cleaning. The FIA is looking for people who can help with dispatching.

Naib Qasid FIA Interview Date 2022

Check the FIA’s Naib Qasid Interview Date in 2022 to see if you’ll be able to go. There is a law called the Law of Attraction that some people think is true. If so, what have you been through? Clearly! Here is the FIA Exams Interview Schedule 2022. If you’re interested in that, you’ve come to the right place. It’s easy to see the whole interview schedule for 2022 here. It includes the dates, times, and places where you’ll be interviewed, so you’ll know what to expect.

FIA Interview test  Result 2022 Date

As of right now, the FIA Interview Schedule 2022 has been released. It has set in stone the date and time of the interview. There are a lot of things you need to know about FIA interviews in 2022, so read the next article.

How can I Download FIA Interview Slip 2022

People who want to get ready for their FIA Interview Slip 2022 should check out this list. Follow the steps below to make sure you have a trouble-free time.

  • Let’s start now!
  • They will go to, the official website of FIA, to see if they passed the written test.
  • Your CNIC or Roll No. will help you find your interview schedule.

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