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GAT General Past Papers with Solutions 2022 pdf Download

GAT General Past Papers with Solutions 2022 pdf Download. National Testing Service (NTS) is an institution in Pakistan that administers academic performance evaluation tests. NTS offers 2 main types of assessments, the Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) and the National Aptitude Test (NAT). GAT test is intended for graduates seeking admission to postgraduate education. You will find NTS GAT General’s previous papers here on this website.

GAT test is essential to acquire admission to most of the universities in Pakistan. GAT General and GAT subject are two additional GAT tests. For MS/ M.Phil and Ph.D. admissions, GAT-GENERAL and GAT-SUBJECT are required.

GAT Previous papers with solutions PDF

NTS-GAT General is often known as GRE Local. The NTS GAT general test is open to candidates who have completed at least 16 years of education. After a period of two months, NTS administers the GAT General Test. On the NTS website, you can register for the test.

Most Pakistani colleges need applicants to take the GAT in order to be considered for admission. GAT General and GAT topic are the other two GAT test varieties. Admissions to Ph.D. admissions use GAT-SUBJECT, while those to MS / M.Phil. Programs use GAT-GENERAL.

GAT General Test Preparation Online

Get top scores in the GAT general exams by studying prior questions and answers in the form of free, downloadable PDFs of GAT general past papers from the year 2022 onwards. GAT test preparation MCQs with answers beneficial for practice and prep online.

Table for content Weightage is given below which will yield a percentage for Verbal, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Reasoning. This NTS GAT General Test requires a minimum test of 50% to be considered qualified.

GAT Graduation Assessment Test General 2022

Roll No Slip of NTS, General Schedule The NTS application form must be received by the NTS office by the application form deadline.

NTS is not liable for late submission of the application via Courier or Pakistan Post etc. Any Pakistani postgraduate program requires passing the GAT General test, which is administered by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

As per the announcement provided by the official authority, the GAT General test would be held on. The registration process and qualifying requirements are fully described on this page for your convenience. To make studying for the written test even easier, a plethora of free online practice tests are available.


GAT-A35 MCQs35 MCQs30 MCQs
GAT-B50 MCQs30 MCQs20 MCQs
GAT-C45 MCQs35 MCQs20 MCQs
GAT-D50 MCQs30 MCQs20 MCQs

Gat General Past Papers with Solutions Pdf 2022

So GAT GENERAL is for admissions in MS / M.Phil programs. So GAT is short for Graduate Assessment Test. The paper of gat general has three categories which named GAT A, GAT B, and GAT C.

After preparation from gat general model papers, students may check their aptitude and knowledge regarding Nat Syllabus as well.

NTS MCQs test preparation to aid the aspirants for admissions to universities and cadet colleges. Two more types of MCQs that appear frequently are NTS English (Grammar and Tenses MCQs, Meaning of terms, Sentences, etc.) and NTS General Knowledge MCQs.

NTS GAT General Past and Sample Papers Download

The NTS GAT (Graduate Admission Test) is a test to see if a student is ready and able to go to graduate school. Universities in Pakistan use it as one of their most important admissions requirements. Candidates can take the NTS GAT test if they have at least 16 years of schooling. The GAT comes in two forms:

NTS GAT General Registration 2022

The registration process for GAT-General 2022 is pretty easy and uncomplicated. A user account on NTS’s official website and a completed online application form are all that required. After submitting the application, an online deposit slip will presented on the screen.

Make sure that the deposit slip reaches the approved department by post before the deadline as any submitted after the due date will not considered and the applicant will not allowed to appear in the test. In order to sign Up on the NTS website, the applicant is necessary to submit the following details.

  • CNIC Number
  • Desired Password
  • Secret Question and its Answer

Online Practice Test for GAT General

The GAT General or Graduate Assessment Tests are part of NTS tests that focus on providing students a platform to get on merit admissions to Universities. This is the general GAT (Graduate Assessment Test) Online NTS Exam Preparation.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has assigned National Testing Service (NTS) (NTS). Below you will find NTS GAT General Sample papers for the English language portion of the test, which is critical for test-takers to succeed.

 Many students mostly families in this test therefore that is why we are providing you the better aid regarding these sample papers and telling you that you must prepare these sample papers for achieving excellent marks.

Which book is best for GAT general?

Earnest Prep’s “The Best Book for GAT (General)” is a complete study guide that includes both concept-based lessons and practise questions. Also, the book has 5 practise tests based on old tests, so students can work on real questions that have been asked before.

NTS GAT Syllabus pdf Download

To consider admission to any of the well-known universities’ MS or M.Phil degree programs, applicants must first pass the Graduate Assessment Test (GMAT) (GMAT). Online registration for the NTS GAT General Test Roll No Slip requires before attempting the GAT test.

 Questions on quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, and analytic reasoning make up the GAT-General. To sit for the exam, a candidate must have completed at least 16 years of schooling. Visit the Islamia University Bahawalpur NTS GAT Test Preparation Site.

How to Prepare for GAT General Test in Pakistan?

Study high-level MCQs books (i.e. SAT-I). GAT test is quite challenging in terms of memorizing about 6000+ words for the verbal part and more than 500+ formulas of maths, and almost 2000 practice problems for the analytical portion to know almost each and everything repeated in books, papers, and online.

To help our readers prepare for their NTS GAT-General Test preparation for MPhil 2022, we have supplied many free online tests above on this page via which applicants can evaluate their present level of preparation and also highlight the areas that require additional improvement.

The design of our tests is the same as the actual and they also cover all the crucial questions that have a pretty high level of chances of included in the actual exam. Candidates the GAT Test suggested Books in PDF.

GAT General Test

The NTS GAT general test looks at the candidate’s verbal, math, and analytical writing skills. The test is given as a paper-and-pencil test. The person taking the test needs to fill in the ovals (the blank spaces) with the right answers. Result 2022 Check Online

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