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Hamdard University Admission 2022

You can check all details about Hamdard University Admission 2022. The main campus of Hamdard University is in Madinat alHikmah, which is a beautiful place. It is 8 km from the commercial center of the city, on the main highway to Bund Murad Khan.

 The place where the campus is is important both in terms of history and geography. It is on the main highway, which connects it to the Hub Chowki on the highway to Quetta. It is next to the Hub River on the border between Sindh and Baluchistan, and it is near the Hub River.

Hamdard University Admission 2022 Last Date

Hamdard University Admission 2022 Last Date They say, Muhammad Bin Qasim, the man who made Sindh the gateway to Islam in the sub-continent, landed there on his way to Daibal. This is the place where he set up the site.

 Below, we list all the programs for which applications are being accepted. The deadline for admission applications, the application form, the eligibility criteria, the test date, and the names of the candidates who were chosen will all be on a single page.

Please stay in touch with us and keep coming back to our site for more news. For HAMDARD Islamabad, the last date you can apply for admission is on February 25, 2022.

Hamdard University Admission 2022 Apply Online

Hamdard University Admission 2022 Apply Online The admissions for Hamdard University’s Under Graduate, Graduate, and Post Graduate programs have been announced for 2022. So Hamdard University Admission 2022 Spring and Fall Apply Online.

 Check the last test date and see if you meet the requirements for admission. The Hamdard University Merit List for 2022 will be updated as soon as it is shown on the University.

Even though Hamdard University has only been around for a short time, its growth shows how other schools in Pakistan are trying to do the same.

In order to compete with other universities in the area, the University works hard to grow and mature even more, so it can be as good as them.

Hamdard University LLB Admission


Hamdard University LLB Admission There are two campuses of Hamdard University in Karachi and Islamabad. So Hamdard is a well-known private research university. It was started by Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said in 1948, and now it is run by him.

Hamdard University MMBS Admissions

Hamdard University MMBS Admissions It’s easy for anyone who wants to get the online admission form, fee structure, and advertisement from this page by clicking on the links below. The merit and waiting lists for the entry test are shown at the same time at Hamdard University.

Hamdard University BA/BS/BBA Admissions

  1. BA LLB  
  2. Bachelor of Eastern Medicine & Surgery (UNANI) BEMS
  3. LLB        
  4. Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D)
  5. BS Computer Science    
  6. Bachelor of Dental Science
  7. Bachelors of Engineering             
  8. BS Education
  9. BE Electrical Engineering              
  10. BEd
  11. BE Energy Engineering  
  12. BS Software Engineering
  13. BE Computer Systems Engineering         
  14. BBA (Hons)
  15. BE Biomedical Engineering         
  16. BDS
  17. BBA Marketing 
  18. ADE in Education
  19. BBA Finance      
  20. BBA MIS
  21. So BBA Human Resource Management      
  22. BBA Supply Chain

Hamdard University Master Admissions

  1. FCPS Gynae       
  3. FCPS OBS            
  4. EMBA Supply Chain
  5. FBPS Surgery    
  6. EMBA Healthcare
  7. FCPS Operative Dentistry            
  8. ME Electrical Engineering
  9. FCPS Prosthodontics     
  10. ME Communication Systems & Networks
  11. FCPS Orthodontics         
  12. ME Computer Engineering
  13. MS        
  14. ME Telecommunication System
  15. MS Project Management            
  16. ME Power Engineering
  17. MBBS   
  18. ME Control & Autumn Engineering
  19. MEd      
  20. MS Software Engineering
  21. MBA Marketing 
  22. MS Information Technology
  23. MBA Finance    
  24. ME Electrical Engineering
  25. MBA Human Resource Management     
  26. ME Energy Engineering
  27. MBA MIS            
  28. MS Electronics
  29. MBA Supply Chain          
  30. MS Computer Science
  31. MBA Healthcare              
  32. MS Telecommunication
  33. EMBA Marketing             
  34. MS Energy & Environment
  35. EMBA Finance  
  36. EMBA Human Resource Management

Hamdard University MPhil Admissions

  1. MS Marketing
  2. MPhil Education
  3. MS Finance        
  4. MPhil Pharmacy
  5. MS Human Resource Management        
  6. MPhil UNANI Medicine
  7. MS MIS               
  8. MPhil Quality Management
  9. MS Supply Chain             
  10. MPhil Social Sciences
  11. MPhil Pharmacology      
  12. So MPhil Pharmacognosy
  13. MPhil Pharmaceutics     
  14. MPhil Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Hamdard University Ph.D. Admissions

  1. Ph.D. Social Sciences        
  2. Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
  3. Ph.D. UNANI Medicine   
  4. Ph.D. Computer Science
  5. Ph.D. Pharmacy  
  6. Ph.D. Energy Engineering
  7. Ph.D. Education  
  8. Ph.D. Energy & Environment
  9. Ph.D. Pharmaceutics and Pharmacognosy              

Hamdard University Admission 2022 Fee Structure

Hamdard University Admission 2022 Fee Structure  Students at Hamdard University can choose from a wide range of innovative and professional courses. An excellent group of teachers is available to help students. There are now more than 5000 students at Hamdard University.

 In addition to the Higher Education Commission, the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, the Pakistan Engineering Council, the Pakistan Pharmacy Council, the Pakistan Bar Council, and the National Council for Tibbs are all accrediting bodies. Hamdard University’s degree programs are all approved by these bodies, as well as by the Higher Education Commission (NCT).

How To Apply Hamdard University Admission 2022

How To Apply Hamdard University Admission 2022 People who want to go to Hamdard University – Islamabad Campus, Islamabad can submit now. You can do so at the earliest opportunity.

The application process, eligibility requirements, admissions schedule, and contact information for admission are all detailed in the official advertisement below.

Contact information

Phone number+92 21 6440017; 021-6440045
Email    registrar@hamdard.edu.pk
 Website             www.hamdard.edu.pk
Address              Hamdard University, Sharae Madinat Al-Hikmah, Karachi/

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