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Intelligence Bureau IB Result 2022 Check Online

Leaone gov pk Result 2022 has been announced. The Intelligence Bureau IB Jobs test Result 2022 is available to check from this page. You can all details about Intelligence Bureau IB Result 2022. People who want to work for the Intelligence Bureau of Pakistan can apply for jobs in almost every department of the IB. The applications come from all over the country to NTS, so they keep them all for them.

They will apply for these jobs through NTS, which is for candidates who are qualified and can apply for them. While the last day to apply for a job is August 28, Now, NTS will cut down the candidates based on their qualifications for each job. All applicants who pass the NTS test will get a roll number slip from NTS.

IB Result 2022

After a few days, the Intelligence Bureau IB Pakistan Jobs NTS Test Result 2022 will be sent to all candidates who took the test. There is a link on this page for applicants who are waiting for their results. When they come to this page, we show them the full results and give them the result dates for the interviews. So the candidates will keep coming back.

Intelligence Bureau IB Jobs Result & Merit List Check Online

Intelligence Bureau IB Jobs Result & Merit List Check Online The Federal government wants to hire everyone who wants to work for the Intelligence Bureau IB Jobs in 2022. So Intelligence Bureau IB jobs results and merit lists can be found here. Intelligence Bureau jobs for 2022 will have a written test on the dates below.

So now, everyone who took the written test for the IB jobs 2022 can see their test results, answer keys, and the list of people who made the cut.

Intelligence Bureau IB Jobs Test Result 2022 Answer Key

Intelligence Bureau IB Jobs Test Result 2022 Answer Key our good news is that after a long wait, the IB Intelligence Bureau has released the test results and answer keys for the Psychometric and Skill tests, along with the roll number slips for those who did well on them. result 2022

 Candidates who took the written test in 2022 can get their results or answer keys for Intelligence Bureau IB jobs here. IB was given the job of collecting applications from everyone who applied. The Intelligence Bureau is Pakistan’s main intelligence and espionage agency inside the country. It is under the direct control of Pakistan’s leader.

IB Physical Test Result 2022

The Intelligence Bureau has now released the IB Jobs Test Result for 2022, and the merit list for those who passed is also available on this page. Applicants who took the written examination for Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2022 can view their results online. IB Jobs Test Result 2022, IB Physical Test Result 2022, IB Result 2022, and IB Result 2022 Written Test are reportedly available. Assistant Public Secretaries Steno Typist, GD, OM, NC Laboratory Assistant, Technician, Dark Room Assistant, Cook, Mali, Farash, Tech, Book Binder Behisti Waiter, and Staff Car Driver Dispatcher and Data Entry Operator posts have been released. Intelligence Bureau (IB) is a Pakistan-based civilian intelligence agency that was established in 1947.

Intelligence Bureau IB Jobs Test Result 2022 Check Merit List

It has its headquarters in Islamabad. IB agents do not have formal arrest authority, and their suspects are typically captured and interrogated by FIA officers at IB officials’ request. Additionally, the IB provides infiltration-related information to Pakistani intelligence communities, police, intelligence, and other law enforcement organizations. The Bureau also gives Pakistani diplomatic officials and judges the necessary security authorizations before they may take the oath. The government granted the IB the authority to open and intercept normal mail and mail.

IB Written Test Result 2022 Merit List of Intelligence Bureau

Appointments and oversight of the Intelligence Bureau of Pakistan’s operations are authorized by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Each year, the Intelligence Bureau of Pakistan hires and inducts a variety of staff officers for jobs such as DEO, OM, GD, Stenographers, and others in Islamabad and other regional offices in Pakistan. On this page, we have compiled the whole list of those who have achieved a passing score on the written Intelligence Bureau Jobs examination 2022 in Pakistan.

IB Written Test Result 2022 Online Check

Check the results of the 2022 written examinations for the positions of Shorthand Typist DEO, GD, OM, Tech, Cook, Mali, Farash, Dark Room Assistant Labor assistant GD, OM, Car Driver, and Dispatch rider. This page contains the Intelligence Bureau Jobs Test Result and Merit List for 2022. You can also obtain answer keys and fully-solved sample exams.

IB Jobs Test Result 2022 Check online

To check your IB Jobs written test result, you must enter your full name and CNIC number. Then, candidates must provide their complete names and roll numbers. They can then view the entire list of search results. You can check the final merit list for Intelligence Bureau posts in 2022 on this website. During the Intelligence Bureau IB Jobs 2022 examination, you may review your final written test results. Continue to check for additional updates.

IB NTS Jobs Result 2022 View Online

This website will provide the IB Pakistan Jobs Results, Answer Key, and Merit List. Candidates who qualify can access IB Test Results on this page. In accordance with Intelligence Bureau administration regulations, the IB Jobs test will be administered on a self-paced basis. When the official publishes the result, we will post the Intelligence Bureau IB Jobs 2022 written test roll number slip, written exam results including answer key, and merit list on this website. Candidates will be able to view their Intelligence Bureau IB test results, as this is the most trustworthy way to confirm your official score. If you are having trouble accessing your IB Jobs result 2022 on the official website, please click on the link provided below.

NTS IB Jobs Test Result 2022 Intelligence Bureau

Below are the 2022 Intelligence Bureau IB findings. In recent days in 2022, the National Testing Service administered the IB jobs screening test and the other NTS Jobs written test. This store also offers NTS Test Preparation Books, as the NTS routinely administers tests for a variety of positions. The Pakistani Intelligence Bureau (IB) has recently compiled a list of available positions for people from all around Pakistan. DEO (Dead End Operator), GD (Generational Operator), OM (Operational Manager), and Technical (Cook), Mali (Mali), Fresh (Dark Room Assistant), Lab Assistant GD, OM, Staff Car Driver/Dispatch Rider Book Binder (Vehicle mechanic NC Bahishti), and Waiter.

IB Jobs Test Result 2022

This is because the results of the Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2022 Examination have been released. This page provides online access to your Intelligence Bureau IB Job results for 2022. Here, we will also keep test and answer key records for The Intelligence Bureau. Examine this IB Test Result 2022 Merit List and the interview dates online. IB Result 2022 Check Online

National Testing Service examinations will be administered to those who have completed a test and intend to apply for Intelligence Bureau IB Pakistan positions in 2022. For all available posts within the IB, a written examination was administered. It was distributed according to a predetermined schedule. In the process of awaiting the answer key, the candidates are those who passed a written examination and took the test.

IB Result 2022 NTS Jobs

Those who have taken a written exam can view the IB Result 2022 by following the link located at the bottom of this page. The Intelligence Bureau’s answer key and list of merits for 2022 are easily accessible via the internet, as are the bureau’s final conclusions. You must enter your roll and CNIC numbers in order to view the Intelligence Bureau’s 2022 score. Candidates for this year’s Intelligence Bureau IB Jobs exam 2022 are eagerly anticipating the results. IB has announced Job Test Results for Intelligence Bureau 2022. IB will announce test results and answers key and this will be available on this website. Examine online the specifics of your IB Job Test Result 2022 Merit List and Interview Dates.

Intelligence Bureau Result 2022 Announced

The Intelligence Bureau IB results for IB Jobs 2022 have been announced. In 2022, the IB screening test was administered by the National Testing Service. The Pakistani Intelligence Bureau (IB) has recently posted a number of employment opportunities. Check to discover if their steno typists fall into one of the following groups. Technology (Cook), Mali (Mali), Fresh (Dark Room Assistant), Lab Assistant GD, OM, Staff Car Driver/Dispatch Rider Book Binder (Vehicle mechanic, NC), and Waiter. test Result 2022 test Result 2022 To start, you can get Intelligence Bureau jobs written test answer keys to download out and study. That way, you can figure out what your grades will be. Soon, we’ll show you here the Intelligence Bureau jobs interview schedule, so keep an eye out.

Intelligence Bureau Selected Candidates

After that, IB will put together a list of the selected candidates. Keep in touch with us to stay up to date on the NTS Intelligence Bureau jobs test results 2022, answer keys, merit lists, and selected candidates’ merit lists as soon as possible.

Intelligence Bureau IB Pakistan Jobs NTS Test Result 2022

Intelligence Bureau IB Pakistan Jobs NTS Test Result 2022 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th May can be found on this page of You can also check it there. Stenotypist, Staff Car Driver, Data Entry Operator, OM, GD, NC, Masalchi, Bahishti, Tech, and Dark Room Assistant are just a few of the recent open jobs in the Intelligence Bureau IB Pakistan.

Intelligence Bureau result
Intelligence Bureau result

IB Written Test Result 2022

If you have also applied for these jobs, there is no need to go anywhere else. All of the jobs are chosen through a proper testing channel designed by the NTS. People who want to work for the Intelligence Bureau in Pakistan will have to take a written test. The National Testing Service will do this for all the jobs. Then, all the candidates who pass this written test will get the jobs. If you don’t pass this written test, then you won’t get the job.

NTS IB Roll No Slip 2022 for Physical Test

NTS IB Roll No Slip 2022 for Physical Test Candidates who want to get their free Intelligence Bureau NTS IB Physical Test Roll No Slip can find it in this download. is giving you the most recent and upcoming NTS IB Roll No Slip. ib result 2022

The official Intelligence Bureau Pakistan Agency website is There, people can find more information about their jobs and trades, and they can download an application form there as well.  Invitation letters from candidates who aren’t yet qualified for the jobs of GD (BS-11) and GD (BS-12) have been updated on the site (BS-07). If you want to get their contact letter for the physical exam, you should go to their website and download the link.

IB Psychometric Test Result 2022

IB Psychometric Test Result 2022 A government agency called Pakistan’s Intelligence Bureau is in charge of making sure that the country is safe. All over Pakistan, men and women took the written test. They can see the results of the Psychometric test in 2022 and other Intelligence Bureau job tests. As a group, people who can’t check their Intelligence Bureau jobs written test results in 2022.

How to Check IB Result 2022

  • This site is for people who took the IB Test. They should go there to see their results.
  • Candidates should click on the link that will show.
  • To open a new page on the screen, click this link.
  • Applicants type in their CNIC number and then click the search button to see what other people have.
  • This will appear on the screen.
  • Candidates should download it and take a printout of it before the test.

Contact Number

Contact Number 051-9201475

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