Jamia Baitussalam Admission 2022

Jamia Baitussalam admission form 2022 Talagang online application or registration form may be downloaded from this website. Online application for Jamia baits us salam admissions in Talagang 2022. The Jamia Baitussalam O-Level Admission Form 2022 has been released.

From this website, you may submit an online application. On May 9-10, 2022, the admissions test will be held, with the deadline for applications being May 5, 2022. This page contains the Jamia Baitussalam Madarisa Admission 1443 Hijri O, matric, and MA level forms. There is an online registration form for students from Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, KPK, AJK, and Gilgit Baltistan.

Jamia Baitussalam Admission 2022 Apply Online

Jamia Baitussalam Admission
Jamia Baitussalam Admission

Here, you may find the online application forms for Darajat Baneen and Banat Jamia Baitussalam Madrasa 2022. At the religious school Bait-us-Salam, emphasis is placed not only on academics but also on the development of moral character. Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Hadeed neighborhood is home to it. There are few religious schools that begin the day with “Tahajjud” prayer.

On the 15th of Shaban 1430 Hijri, the University “Bait-us-Salam” began its academic life. A religious school named “Islamic Education” used to operate on the property, with six classrooms and a gorgeous mosque on which pupils were required to learn the Quran word for word and by heart.

Jamia Baitussalam Admission 2022 Last Date

If you want to apply for Baitussalam admission 2022, the deadline is 5th May 2022, and you may do so here. It is Baitussalam’s educational philosophy that promotes truthfulness, accountability, and deference to others.

 Everywhere in Pakistan and throughout the world, we assist those unable to pay for their own schooling. More individuals should have the opportunity to read.

Registration form of jamia baitussalam admission 2022

For JAMIA BAITUSSALAM TALAGANG, another milestone is to get a high ranking in the Wifaq ul madaris 2022 yearly examination. Jamia students achieved the top 10 spots in the annual Wifaqulmadaris examinations. The exam is taken by hundreds of thousands of students each year, making this performance remarkable..

Jamia Baitussalam Admission  Eligible criteria of 2022

Religious sciences (Quran, Hadith, Beliefs, Laws, etc.) are central to Bait-us-mission. Salam’s the goal is to instill a sense of religious knowledge among Muslims, to promote the foundation of religion, and to guide the Islamic society toward the correct approach as per the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

  • There is an appropriate level of morality for every learner.
  • The official copy of the final exam results must be submitted to the application form.
  • ‘B’  form
  •  Two recent photographs.
  • The student’s or guardians original ID card must be shown.
  • With the entrance form, a copy of the required papers.

Jamia Baitussalam  Admission 2022 Departments

The Dar-ul-Quran Hifz Department is in charge of instructing pupils in proper Arabic pronunciation and dialect. There is a “Quranic Computer” subsidiary in the Dar-ul-Quran Hifz training.

This is what it says about what it describes:

  • It’s possible to count pages and chapters in a book using manzil numbers and letters.
  • Surah’s title is, Number of characters, words, communications, rukus, pages, and chapters in the reference and mercury
  • Surah name, word, verse, rukus, and number of pages, the first and final verse, ayah that has previously been recited, and the ayah before that are identified by the learner..

Metric/O-Level & English Language in jamia baitussalam 2022

Additionally, kids are given 45-minute lessons in Urdu, English and Math every day according on their mental capabilities. For this reason, higher education is separated into three divisions and students are taught English, Urdu, and Maths in distinct courses in each of these sections.

The following abilities are emphasized in Arabic and English language classes:

  • Hearing
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

jamia baitussalam entry test result 2022

The dates and times for the admissions test have been provided below. Divisions and a few cities are included in this schedule. If you don’t see your city on the list, please verify where it is located in the division.

Baitussalam Entry Test date Syllabus

The O-level admission test for Baitussalam will be place on the 9th and 10th of May in 2022. Below is the syllabus for the exam.

Mr. Zafar Ullah Jan, a British Council-certified trainer in peace and conflict transformation, led the “Theory of Peace and Self-Peace Development.” Dr. Abdul Muhaimin, Chairman of the Department of Islamic & Religious Studies at the University of Haripur, led the second workshop on “Peace & Conflict Resolution for Social Peacebuilding. He stressed the necessity of conflict resolution for societal peacebuilding and the acceptance of variety, diverse opinions, and the importance of conflict resolution. On the first day, a football game was scheduled for the participants in the evening as well.

jamia baitussalam admission 2022 Fee stuructue

According to the Baitussalam Talagang fee structure 2022 Check Online, the Baitussalam Talagang charge structure may vary from the previous structure.

The time has come for religious youngsters to get involved in worthwhile activities. This initiative is near to my heart since it has had a significant effect that will have a long-term influence. E HANDS has had a significant deal of success in establishing university-madrassah ties. M. Hussain Amin, Program Officer at E HANDS, stated, “Our goal is to educate them about peace and harmony so that they become ambassadors for tolerance and peace.

Achievement And Extra-Curricular Activities of jamia baitussalam

HITEC University, Taxila, hosted a tournament for students from 20 Pakistani universities, and Jamia Baitul-Sallam students won three categories.

  • Urdu speaking contest
  • Robotics spelling bee competition
  • Competition in the field of physical activity (Health Competition)
  • Writing Competition for Speeches
  • Quran Memorization Contest Memorization of Poems Hadith Competition

Registration Form of Baitussalam Admission 2022

People in this movement aspire to disseminate the word about Shari’ah education, as well as a return to the Sunnah. To achieve this lofty objective, a whopping seven departments and dozens of councils have been established. Al-Madinah University has another department called this. This is one of them, as well.

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