Military College Murree Admission 2022 Last Date

New students can get Military College Murree Admission 2022 It’s possible to get the application form and the prospectus from this site. With students who have passed the 7th class, they can fill out an application form for the 8th class. If you took the exam for 10th class SSC Part 2 and passed 9th class with 60% or more, you can apply for 1st-year college.

Military College Murree Admission 2022

Military College Murree Admission

Successful students can take the interview test after they pass the entry test. I can view a list of people who have been chosen for MCM interviews and those who have been deemed successful or eligible online or downloaded from here. If you meet the requirements for the job, you’ll be called in for an interview. Admission Form

Punjab Textbook Board has set the syllabus for the following subject. Different classes will have different tests based on the syllabus from the Punjab Textbook Board. Please remember that the selection is based on how well a candidate does in the following tests and grades (in the same order). To get into class 8th and 1st year, you’ll need to pass a written test, an intelligence test, an interview, a medical exam at CMH or MH, and the final selection.

Military College Murree Prospectus Admission Form

You can also find the Prospectus Admission forms at Army Selection and Recruitment Centers. Applications must be submitted on the form that comes with the prospectus. In the leading newspapers in July and August every year, there is a notice for people who want to go to the first year. Admission tests for 11th-grade entry are held in October and November at different places.

MCM Application Form the selection process

In this case, the Admission will be based on how well you do in the class. To be chosen, the candidates who fill out an application form will have to pass a written test, physical test, talent test, medical test, and a final interview with all of the other candidates.

  1. The last day to send in your application for Admission is March 15, 2022.
  2. The last date to pay late fees: March 25, 2022.
  3. In 2022, the written entry test will be held on April 17, 2022.
  4. This is when the interviews will be: June 2022
  5. From July 2022, classes start.
  6. You have to apply for the eighth class to get in.

Syllabus and Sample Papers For 8th And 11th Graders

  1. you can find the 8th Class Syllabus on this site.
  2. For 8th grade, check out old model papers from the past.
  3. Check out the syllabus for 11th grade.
  4. You can download the 11th-grade model paper here.
  5. The children of the following can apply for admission in Military College Murree:
  6. In the army, there are officers (Serving, Retired)
  7. They are called Junior Commissioned Officers, or Soldiers (Serving, Retired)
  8. People who work for the Civil Armed Forces (Punjab Rangers and FC Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) only serve JCOs/Soldiers.

You can find out about the prospectus, the educational requirements, the age limit, and how to be chosen. A list of things to keep in mind for students and parents:

How to Get Prospectus/Admission Forms

They can get the prospectus and application forms from Military College Murree in person for 300 rupees. They can also get the same thing by mail for 350/- by sending a Bank Draft to the Commandant of the Military College in Murree, which is the same price. Students can also get the application forms, admission forms, and prospectus from the website of MCM, as well. You can also find prospectuses and admission forms at the following Army recruitment and selection centers.

Application Deadline for 11th Class

Army selection and procurement centers in Karachi, Multan, Lahore, Jhelum, Sargodha, Sialkot, and Quetta can also help you get the admission form. Then you can get the prospectus form from the official website,, which is where you can get the form.

MCM Admission 2022 Last Date for 1st Year

Admission FormDownload
Old PapersDownload
Model PapersDownload
Apply To MCMDownload

Military College Murree Fee Structure 2022

You can find all of the fees for each class in the prospectus. Check the fee structure by calling the number below.

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