Muqeem Arrival Registration 2022 Online

Muqeem Arrival Registration 2022 Online On this page.  Learn everything you need to know to register for Muqeem Arrival 2022 right here. Key aspects of this post include information on how to register for Muqeem Arrival, details on the Muqeem Arrival Scheme, and a way to check the status of your Muqeem Arrival registration for 2022. Travelers to Saudi Arabia who wish to settle there must register their arrival with Muqeem 2022 in advance of their trip. Registering for Muqeem 2022 arrival is mandatory and may be done at the Muqeem website. Muqeem Registration information is provided here. Now is the time to begin exploring the information available on the Muqeem portal (Quddum Platform). To sign up for the Muqeem portal, go to Arrival Registration 2022

Booking your Saudi Arabian home in advance is easy with Muqeem Arrival. It’s an essential stop for visitors and locals alike during the Hajj. Registration for Vaccinated Residents (Iqama Holders) and Non-Vaccinated Residents are both available through Muqeem. On this page, you’ll find info on how to register for online.

Registration Online 2022 of Muqeem Arrival

The aforementioned conditions apply if you have not had a COVID-19 vaccination. You also have the necessary vaccinations for departure (if you don’t already have them) and have met the other conditions listed below. Instructions for signing up are provided below. I think it’s time we started looking at the Vaccinated and Non-Vaccinated Resident Registration Procedures.

Muqeem Arrival Registration Online

Muqeem Registration for OFW Eligibility 2022

If you live outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and are interested in signing up for the Muqeem Arrival Platform, you will need to leave the country before you can do so. Then, learn everything you need to know about mandatory vaccinations for locals.

  1. Applicants must provide proof of immunization, such as a First-Dose Immunization Certificate or a Recovery-State Immunization Certificate.
  2. 2, All information must be uploaded no later than 72 hours before international departure.
  3. 3, Substitute Real Information Details about yourself, such as your passport number, etc. If you make a mistake on your application, it could be denied.
  4. The applicant’s spouse and any dependent children under the age of 18 must be listed as companions on the application.
  5. 5, the employer who brings local workers with them should register them as candidates.
  6. 6,In order to register and use the Tawakkalna App, applicants must first download it.

How to Apply for Arrival Registration on Muqeem Online 2022

This post will walk you through the steps required to register for the Muqeem Arrival Website. Instructions for completing the Arrival Registration are now available in detail on Muqeem.

  1. visit Muqeem’s official website (Click here)
  2. Choose either “Non-Vaccinated Resident” or Vaccinated Resident as your residency status.
  3. Please provide the following information Iqama Number, Birth Date, Flight Number, and Arrival Date.
  4. Finally, you’ll pick the airport and airline you’ll be flying into and the hotel you’ll be staying at.
  5. Finally, choose the people who rely on you most. Check the box indicating your agreement with the terms and conditions and then click the Submit button.

How to Check Arrival Registration Status on Muqeem 2022

You can view your arrival registration status on Muqeem by clicking the link below. Enter your Registration Number, Passport Number, or Iqama Number to view your Registration Status on Muqeem. Type in the following discussion number and click the checkbox. I trust that your questions about the 2022 Arrival Registration have been answered.

Muqeem Arrival Registration2022

All entry requirements, including vaccines, have been waived by Saudi Arabia, allowing anyone from outside the country to freely enter the country. New arrivals are exempt from the former requirement to report their arrival and immunization status on muqeem. Muqeem registrations are suggested if you’ve had all of your recommended vaccines and want to note your ‘immune status’ on the tawakkalna form. Without proof of immunity, it is not possible to board a public transportation vehicle or enter a government building.

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