NITB Result 2022 Batch 16, 17, 18 Check Online

Online at, you can check the NITB Result Batch 17 2022. Here, you can check the status of the NITB waiting list batch 16 and the Basic IT Batch Result. By entering your name and roll number, you can look up your National Information Technology Board NITB result for the year 2022 on this site. Islamabad NITB Results 2022 is available on the official website NIT Board Batch 17 Result 2022. Candidates who took the NITB exams in 2022 and are still waiting for their Results can now check them on the official website of the board. Continue to check this site to see the NITB basic IT result and the waiting list for batches 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17. On the official website,, you can find the NITB Islamabad Result 2022. nitb result 2022.

NITB Result 2022 Batch 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

Students looking for NITB Result 2022 Batch 13, 14 can find it here. The tests for Basic IT Training are run by NITB. This group is in charge of IT education in Pakistan, and its main goal is to use IT in all government departments. NITB Result 2022. National Information Technology Board NITB Result 2022 has been dispatched for batches 16, 17. Check and Download the NITB result.

NITB Result Batch 17 2022 Announced

Candidates who sat in the NITB examinations in 2022 and are currently awaiting their results may now check their results on the board’s official website.

NITB Result Batch 16 2022 Check Online Now

NITB Result Batch 16 2022. The National Information Technology Board has announced the online results for batch 14, 15, 16, and 17 online.

Check NITB Batch 17 Result Online

This has a very bright future because the IT industry is growing all over the world. The course is broken up into many steps, and each step ends with an exam. The first one is the “Services” step. After that, the training session starts with Basic IT Training and ends with it. NITB Result 2022.

NITB Waiting List Batch 16 2022 Download

In 1999, the National Information Technology Board (NITB) was set up by the Government of Punjab. It is an independent group that works with the Punjab Department of Industries. The board’s goal is to make Pakistan a digitally advanced country by giving IT support to federal ministries and departments to help them move faster in their work. NITB Result 2022. Latest NITB Waiting List Batch 16 2022 this list can be downloaded from this page; NITB has put it there. NITB Result 2022.

NITB Waiting list Batch 17 2022

After batch 17th result, the NITB waiting list batch 17 2022 will be uploaded. The National Information Technology Board was in charge of giving and keeping track of all IT-based job tests and their Result. Students who took the test and did well enough to pass are not on the list. They can talk to official management to get your problem with your Result and other information fixed.

National Information Technology Board Result 2022 Batch 17

If you are looking for the NITB result for the class of 2022, you are in the right place. After NITB officials talk about the Result, they will be posted online in a few days. You must stay in touch so that you can check your Result as soon as they are made public. You will also be able to download Result for a certain batch from this page. We’ve made it easy to check Result by giving you a link.

NITB Test Schedule 2022

Please leave a comment below if you are having trouble checking your NITB result online. We will tell you result by name, roll number, and CNIC number.

National Information Technology Board NITB Result 2022

NITB has a lot of power when it comes to key computerization, planning, development, and implementation of strong IT innovations to advance the e-administration culture in every open division and fully develop plans, developments, and foundations to support the exhibition of the public area.

NITB Result List Check by Roll No, CNIC, Student ID

The NITB batch 17 results list can be looked at and downloaded by roll number, CNIC, and student ID. Click on the button below to download the list and see the Result. From batch (14/15) Result, a list will be made with the name, CNIC, and roll number of each student who applied. Find your roll number, CNIC, and student’s name, and then check to see if the student passed or failed. People who fail or don’t show up don’t have to reapply. They will automatically get in touch with you about the retake test.


Result of Retake 15-5Check Result
Result of Batch-16Check Result
RL-Result of Retake-14-5 and Batch-15 declaredCheck Result
Result of Retake-14-5Check Result
Result_Batch-15_DeclaredCheck Result
Result Late Announed_Exam_05-06 Dec_2020_WO_NICCheck Result
Result of Batch-14Check Result
Result of Batch-13.5.5Check Result
Basic IT Result of Batch-13.5 Exam held on 10-11 October 2020Check Result
Batch 13 CPL1-3 – RL ResultCheck Result
Result of Batch 13Check Result
Result of Batch Batch-11(1658 candidates)Check Result
Result of Batch Latest Batch-10.5 (444 candidates)Check Result
Basic IT Result of Batch 12 LatestCheck Result
Basic IT Result of Batch-11.5-LatestCheck Result
Basic IT Result of Batch 12Check Result
Basic IT Result of Batch-11.5Check Result
Result Batch_11Check Result
Result Batch_10-5Check Result
Basic IT Result of Batch-10.5 (Retake) and Batch-11 (Module-3)Check Result
Basic IT Result of Batch-10.5 (Retake) and Batch-11 (Module-6)Check Result
Basic IT result of Batch-10 (Module 3)Check Result
Basic IT result of Batch-10 (Module 6)Check Result
BIT Result of Batch-8.5Check Result
Result Batch-9Check Result
Result Batch-9.5Check Result
Result Batch-8-5 (Retake-5)Check Result
Result Batch-8Check Result
Result Batch-7Check Result
Result Batch-7.5Check Result
Result Batch-6Check Result
Result Batch-6.5Check Result
Result Batch-5-Module 6Check Result
Result Batch-4Check Result
Basic IT Result of Batch-9.5 and Retake-6Check Result
Result Batch-5-Module 3Check Result Result 2022 Download

Those who took the NITB tests can now get their answer keys by clicking on this link. Thus, individuals may get an approximation of their results online prior to the final and official release. Due to problems with the official website, a lot of applicants can’t find out their Results there. To see their scores, candidates must enter their roll number in the space provided.

National IT Board Result Batch 17 2022

In 1999, the Punjab Government set up the Punjab Information Technology Board as a separate part of the Department of Industries. The goal of NITB is to give the Pakistani people more power by helping Federal Ministries and Divisions improve their performance, quality, and productivity through the use of cutting-edge information technology. If you want to know more about our services, you can either leave a comment here or come see us in person.

National Information Technology Board (NITB)

The National Information Technology Board (NITB) is a management agency in Pakistan that works with e-commerce. On August 11, 2014, Pakistan’s government ministries decided to combine PCB (Pakistan Computer Bureau) and EGD (Electronic Government Directorate).

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