NUST Entry Test 2022 Last Date

NUST Entry Test NET 2022 Check Online, NUST Entry Test NET undergraduate admission test 2022. On January 23, 2022, you can apply for NET-II online. You must apply by March 9, 2022, or you won’t be able to do so. NET and paper-based tests will start on June 26, 2021.

Candidates who want to apply for the second series of the NUST Entry test NET need to fill out basic information at Candidates who have filled out the application form and submitted it must print a fee invoice and deposit the fee in any online branch of Habib Bank Limited.

NUST Entry Test Result 2022

Students in their second year of F.Sc will be strongly encouraged to take the NET-I test, which will be held in November 2020. NET-2 will be held when you are busy preparing for your final exams, so you won’t have time to study for it. Many students have also said that NET-I is easy.

NUST Entry Test

 Most of the questions come from the F.Sc Part-I syllabus, but some are from the 2nd year. People aren’t done with their 2nd-year syllabus so most of the questions they are asked to come from their first-year class.

NUST Test Result

 So you can study hard, review the syllabus for both parts I and II, and try to get the best grades. Skip NET-II, work hard on your F.Sc exams, then come back to NET-III after your exams to see how well you did.

NUST Entry Test NET

You should try to take the NET at least twice to improve your score. The best NET score will make the merit list for NUST Undergraduate admissions. To make sure you have the best chance of getting into college, you must take the NET at least twice. NET-I is very important, and you should not forget about it. Why did this happen?

NUST Eligibility Criteria For Candidates of NET-2021

It was too late to sign up for NET-2021 (Series-2) before March 5, 2021. Starting on March 6, 2021, you will do tests. SSC results will apply for candidates who have been promoted to Part 2 of HSSC without taking the Part 1 exam in 2020.

 Pre-medical students who have a BSc in Computer Science can apply, but they have to pass six math courses within a year of starting the program, or they won’t be able to graduate.

People who apply to NUST. Test NET is given in three cities in Islamabad (NUST Campus), Karachi, and Quetta. Islamabad is a computer-based format. In Karachi and Quetta, it’s in paper form.

NET comprises textbooks for HSSC courses. Candidates who want to take the NET exam should look at textbooks from different schools.


  1. Getting into NUST is too easy. Candidates use the NUST login to sign in to their accounts at the school. The candidate must first sign up for an account on the NUST portal. There is a detailed description of how to apply for NUST below.
  2. It gave the candidate a password to fill out the online form for NUST.
  3. Fill out the form online and upload a picture of yourself recently.
  4. After you finish filling out the form, you will get an email to let you know it worked.
  5. When you go into the candidate’s account, you can print their Challan from there.
  6. Candidates can deposit the fee at any branch of Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. or HBL. Paying the fee will be confirmed in 10 days.
  7. Those who want to take the test at the Islamabad center will have to choose a date and time from the list.


Candidates can apply for NUST registration on the internet, too. is where to register and apply for NUST’s entry test series 3. It was straightforward for candidates to apply for NUST through their online form.

NUST Engineering Test Pattern

  1. Math is 40% of what we do ( 80 MCQs )
  2. Physics is 30%. ( 60 MCQs )
  3. Chemistry makes up 15%. ( 30 MCQs )
  4. A tenth of the English language ( 20 MCQs )
  5. 5 percent of intelligence ( 10 MCQs )
  6. 200 MCQs in all
  7. The allotted time for this project is 3 hours.

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