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PEC Engineer verification 2022 Login on this page. A Brief Look at PEC Engineers check the message from the chairman Checking on a Company Fill out a form to say something. The Pakistan Engineering Council gives the title “Professional Engineer” to engineers who pass the EPE exam (PEC). To become a professional engineer (PE), a registered engineer must pass the EPE (Engineering Practicing Exam). The PEC Engineers department gives EPE tests every year. Check the PEC website often to find out more.

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PEC Engineer verification

Obtaining a license to practice engineering in Pakistan is the responsibility of the government body known as the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). A PEC license needs to be renewed when it has run out. So, the question is, “How do I renewal my membership in the Pakistan Engineering Council?” There are three Registration departments at the PEC.

Registration and Renewal of Engineers with PEC

People can get PEC registration as an Engineer if they have a 4-year engineering degree from a school that the PEC recognizes. Engineers can become Registered Engineers (RE) or Professional Engineers (PE) (PE). A PEC registration as a Registered Engineer, commonly known as a RE Engineer, is awarded to a recent college graduate who has completed their education. Engineers who have registered up with the Pakistan Engineering Council are PEC members.

How to register with PEC as Registered Engineer (RE)?

Once an engineer has earned all of the credits needed for the degree, he or she can apply for PEC registration. Through the PEC online registration portal, engineers can now register with the PEC online. Here is how to do it step by step.

PEC Renewal Bank Challan Form 2022

Here’s what a PEC bank challan form looks like. Islamabad’s HBL Civic Center Branch has deposit slips for the PEC (branch code 0602). But constructors, engineers, consultants, and operators can all use the same PEC fee slip. Firms or engineers can pay the annual renewal fee with this PEC Challan form.

How I will get PEC card after online applying?

When renewing a PEC, the applicant must choose the province where he or she lives. Before 2017, the PEC HQ in Islamabad is where all new, updated, and renewed registration cards are printed. But now, each province has its own place to print PEC registration certificates. Here are the details about where PEC cards will be printed, whether they are new or being renewed.

PEC Firm Verification 2022 By Name

A Registered Engineer, or RE Engineer, is a person with 0 to 5 years of experience. He might have just finished college and have a valid PEC registration. So, a Professional Engineer, also called a PE Engineer, is a professional who gets the PE title after passing the EPE exam. Professional engineers might have more than 6 years of experience, or even a lifetime’s worth.

PEC Operators/Contractors

The Pakistan Engineering Council says that contractors are skilled people, firms, or companies (PEC). You can find information about contracts with the government on the PPRA website or in national newspapers. So, PEC Engineer verification into eight different categories, from C6 to CA. But in Pakistan, it is easy but takes a lot of time to renew a construction company’s license.

PEC License Categories List

There are a total of 8 types of constructors and operators, from C6 to CA for constructors and from O6 to OA for operators. C6/O6 is the lowest level, and CA/OA, which means “no limit,” is the highest. So, constructors can do engineering work within the limits set by their license category for their project.

Who can Online Apply Registration / Renewal of PEC License?

In 2018, PEC Engineer verification site for builders. But you have to be in category C2 or higher to use the online portal. People in categories C6 through C3 can’t apply online; they have to do it by hand. Also, firms in categories C2, C1, Cb, and CA can apply online very easily by making an online account on the PEC portal. For the company, the PEC portal is an online tool that helps contractors and operators who are registered in category C2 or higher. So, click here to register online as a PEC firm in category C2 or higher. This is what you need to know about the online PEC contractors registration portal or the PEC renewal portal.

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