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PEC Registration 2022 Online on this page. Anyone who has a degree in engineering from a public or private school can join the PEC. They will be okay in the eyes of the Pakistan Engineering Council. Through PEC, professional engineers can sometimes sign up online. A lot of engineers in Pakistan are kept track of by the Pakistan Engineering Council. Those who have graduated from an engineering school that is recognized by the HEC can sign up to get an affiliation card. The licenses of engineers who have already signed up with PEC can now be renewed. Find out all the information you need about the PEC Registration Portal 2022. Candidates must go to the PEC registration portal to sign up. To sign up with the PEC, go to

PEC Registration Portal Sign-Up 2022

Only PEC has the power to control engineering education in Pakistan. It works with engineering schools to make sure that people get a professional technical education. People can join the PEC if they have a degree in engineering and have worked for five years. They will only have to pay the registration fee once for this to happen.

PEC Registration

PEC Registration Fee 2022

PEC new registration is different from its renewal. The Pakistan Engineering Council takes the affiliation fees from engineers when they sign up. Registered, professional engineers can pay a small fee to get a PEC license. The fee to join PEC for the first time is RS 1000. Every engineer will have to pay Rs 200/- every year. The fee to renew the license is Rs 500/- after it has expired for six months.

PEC Registration for Fresh Engineers 2022

PEC has also been helping the government by doing technical investigations and making suggestions on how to fix the problems. The Pakistan Engineering Council has become a strong group that speaks for all engineers in the country. It works well as a link between business, education, and the government. PEC’s main office is in Islamabad, where there is also a small secretariat. There are also branch offices in the capitals of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Gilgit, and the Baltistan Region.

Pakistan Engineering Council Application Forms 2022

The Pakistan Engineering Council’s enrollment committee decides who gets to apply. You can find the PEC registration form you need online. You will need to fill out two PEC registration forms in order to get a certificate. Online engineering certificates are available to people with a BE or BSc in engineering. If you want to renew your PEC, you have to fill out a different form. But you can get help here with both forms.

PEC Registration Renewal Online 2022

In accordance with the law, it must carry out a number of important functions, including registering engineers and consulting engineers; accrediting engineering programs at universities and other institutions; ensuring and managing CPD; serving as a think tank for the Federal Government; establishing standards for engineering goods and services, and safeguarding the interests of its members.

PEC Contractor Login 2022

Your credentials will be looked at by the Panel of Experts or the Enrollment Committee. But an interview might not be necessary if the panel thinks that the professional work shown in the submitted document is good or good enough. You will find out what you need to know. If you have to go to an assessment interview, you will be asked to meet with a group of experts or the Enrollment Committee for an interview evaluation.

PEC Number Online Registration Card 2022

Engineers have to renew their registration number every year. The engineer will have to reapply if they work in the same field. If someone has worked in a field for five years, they can apply for a lifetime professional number or registration card. This article will explain how and how much it will cost to get a PEC number online.

PEC Online Registration 2022 Date

The PEC Act of 1976 (V from 1976), which has been updated to the 24th of January 2011, is the law that created the Pakistan Engineering Council. Its job is to regulate the engineering profession in Pakistan so that it can be the main driver of increasing productivity and sustainability in all economic, national, and social sectors.

PEC Registration Form 2022

For the sake of promoting and maintaining these standards, the council’s primary mission is to establish and enforce suitable and relevant worldwide standards of integrity and ethical behavior for engineers and licensed engineers, as well as for engineering schools.

PEC Account Information
MCB Bank Account Info
Account No:  0685 5830 4100 5497
Branch Code:  0069
IBAN No:  PK08 MUCB 0685 5830 4100 5497
Branch Address:  M.R. Kayani Road, Karachi
HBL Bank Account Info
Account No:  0042 7901 5786 03
Branch Code:  0602
IBAN No:  0000 4279 0157 8603
Branch Address:  CDA Civic Center Branch, Melody Market, G-6 Markaz, Islamabad

What are the benefits Of the PEC Card?

Registered engineers can get discounts from the Pakistan Engineering Council. Engineers will get discounts on things like travel, telecommunications, hotels, fitness, IT services, insurance, messenger services, pharmacies and labs, hospitals, restaurants, clothing, and more. About 100 different brands give engineers a special price break when they buy. The PEC certificates will need to be shown by engineers. Through the comments section, engineers can get in touch with us. Our team of experts will answer your questions as soon as possible.

PEC Firm Registration 2022

The most important thing to think about when starting a new construction or engineering business or PEC Firm Registration is how much money the business has or how much money it can spend. For example, a government contractor can work on projects worth up to $400 million and get registered in C6 or C1. If he gets a PEC licence in C6, he will underestimate his abilities, and if he goes for C1, he will overestimate how hard the process will be. Because C1 has limits of 2500 Million and costs much more to sign up for and to renew each year. For 400 million, the best choice is the C3 category, which has a project limit of 500 million. In this article, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about registering a PEC company.

PEC Firm Registration Procedure 2022 Online

Before registering a business with the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), there are a few things to think about. For example, the name of the firm or company, its official address in the city, the size of the project, and the type of licence, such as Civil, Electrical, or Mechanical. But the applicant’s budget and licence requirements should be the most important things. Here are the steps for registering a PEC firm:

  • Set a limit on how much the project can cost;
  • For details visit PEC licence categories
  • Set up the engineers as needed by category. 
  • Set up the engineers as needed by category. 

PEC Registration Portal 2022

After answering all of these questions, choose a name for the business. First, if you are a sole proprietor, you need to register with NTN. If you are a Private Limited company, you need to register with SECP. Open a business bank account in Pakistan at any bank other than a microfinance bank.

PEC Firm Renewal 2022 Check Here

Every year, PEC Firm has to get a new licence. All licences for PEC contractors run out on June 30 of each year. The PEC licence can be renewed every year after May 5th. For more information about PEC firm renewal, see the article below.

PEC Renewal Form 2022

On the PEC website, you can download a form to renew your PEC. Firms in categories C2 and above, on the other hand, have to apply for renewal online, so they don’t need a PEC Renewal form.

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