PMC MDCAT Syllabus

PMC MDCAT Syllabus 2022 Download

Updated On: 29th October 2022.

Here you can download PMC National MDCAT 2022 Syllabus PDF. PMC announced MDCAT Syllabus for the year 2022, you can view it online and download MDCAT Syllabus in PDF Format by visiting us! Every MDCAT Aspirant must download the complete mdcat 2022 syllabus PDF. This will help you understand the significance of the topic, the distribution of marks, and the pattern for the NMDCAT 2022.

Hey, I know who are you. Because I enjoy offering assistance to those preparing for the Medical College Admission Test, I am aware of your identity. Every MDCAT and MBBS/BDS students trust us. They love to visit the MDCAT Guide Pakistan Website. So Straight toward the point, you need. MDCAT Syllabus and MDCAT Previous Papers are provided by MDCAT Guide.

PMC Syllabus 2022 Pdf Download

Pakistan Medical Commission has standardized the admission process in public medical and dental colleges by conducting a uniform test called the MDCAT. This test ensures that all students who wish to enroll in one of Pakistan’s top-rated medical or dental colleges are given an equal opportunity to give their best. PMC has developed a standardized syllabus for all pre-medical students. This syllabus covers all of the syllabus covered in FSC, and the test based on it assesses students’ trustworthiness and intelligence.

PMC syllabus 2022 pdf national mdcat download

MDCAT has been specially designed to evaluate candidates’ critical thinking and problem-solving strategies required to advance in medicine. There are 210 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in the MDCAT, which must be answered in 3 and a half hours. Minimum passing marks must be 65 percent, and there will be no negative marking, unlike the previous tests conducted. Another point to ponder here is that in the Biology, Chemistry, and Physics section, 70 percent of questions will be recalled, and 30 percent will be application level.

MDCAT Syllabus 2022 (Updated)

This is the MDCAT Syllabus. MDCAT Syllabus PDF File download instructions are provided by the University of Health Sciences Lahore. Before downloading I want to give a Brief introduction to the MDCAT Syllabus.

Section Of MDCAT Syllabus

University of Health Sciences Divide Medical and dental colleges syllabus into Four Parts. And MDCAT Paper also Have Four Portions.

  • A Subject-by-Subject Look at the MDCAT Syllabus
  • Biology(High Portion) (High Portion)
  • MDCAT Chemistry Syllabus
  • Syllabus for NMDCAT in Physics
  • English

PMC MDCAT Syllabus Subject Wise Outline

Here is Some important Medical College admission test Preparation Stuff For You. Open the following links for MCAT (MDCAT) study materials. This Stuff will help you a lot. After the announcement of the NMDCAT Syllabus. We share the most recent information and expert-created study materials for your MDCAT Preparation here. To help you succeed in the MDCAT exam, we’ve put together a collection of free study resources and a syllabus.

Biology Syllabus

The biology portion in MDCAT will comprise 68 MCQs with a weightage of 32% of the total.

1Bio-diversity (acellular life/variety of life) Classification of viruses
2Discovery of viruses
3Structure of viruses
4Viral disease (for example, AIDS)
6Anaerobic respiration (respiration without oxygen)
7Electron transport chain
8Glycolysis/glycolytic pathway/aerobic respiration
9Light-dependent and light-independent phases/reactions,
10Oxidative phosphorylation /cyclic and non-cyclic phosphorylation
12Production of ATP
13Role of light, water, CO2, /factors affecting photosynthesis
14Biological molecules
15Introduction to biological molecules
20Conjugated molecules (glycolipids, glycoproteins)
21Cell structure and function
22Cell wall
23Cytoplasm and cell organelles (Nucleus, Endoplasmic reticulum, Mitochondria, Golgi apparatus/Golgi complex /Golgi bodies, Lysosomes, Plastids/chloroplasts, Vacuoles)
24Prokaryote and eukaryote
25Fluid mosaic model
26Coordination and control/nervous & chemical coordination
27Nervous system (Nerve impulse, Steps involved in nervous coordination, Neurons (Structure and Types)
28Transmission of action potential between cells–synapse (Electrical synapses, Chemical synapses, Transmission of nerve impulse across synapse)
30Endocrine glands
31Feedback mechanism (Positive feedback mechanism, Negative feedback mechanism)
32Reflexes and reflex arc
33Levels of the spinal cord with its main functions
34Parts of the brain and their main functions
35Diversity among animals
37Introduction/characteristics of enzymes
38Mechanism of action of enzymes
39Factors affecting the rate of enzyme action
40Enzyme inhibition
42Concepts of evolution
43Inheritance of acquired characteristics
45Darwin’s theory of evolution
47Evidence of evolution
48Life process in animals and plants (nutrition/gaseous exchange/ transport)
49Carnivorous plants/parasitic nutrition
50Water and minerals uptaken by roots, xylem, and phloem
51Osmotic pressure/potential
52Cardiovascular system
53Respiratory system
54Digestive system
55Immune & system
56Lymphatic system
58Cellular Structure of bacteria
59Shape and size of bacteria
60Importance and control of bacteria
62Male reproductive system
63Female reproductive system (including menstrual cycle)
64Sexually transmitted diseases
65Support and movement
67Types of muscles Skeletal
68Mechanism of skeletal muscle contraction
69Types of joints
70Gout and arthritis
71Variation and genetics/inheritance
72Mendel’s law of
73Multiple alleles
74Gene linkages and crossing over
75Sex linkages in drosophila
76Sex linkage in human

Chemistry Syllabus

The chemistry portion in MDCAT will comprise 56 MCQs with a weightage of 26.5% of the total.

1Introduction to fundamental concepts of chemistry
2Atomic Structure
3Gases iv. Liquids
5Chemical equilibrium
6Reaction kinetics
7Thermo-chemistry and energetics of chemical reactions
9Chemical bonding
10S and p block elements
11Transition elements
12Fundamental principles of organic chemistry
13Chemistry of hydrocarbons
14Alkyl halides
15Alcohols and phenols
16Aldehydes and ketones
17Carboxylic acids

 Physics Syllabus

The physics portion in MDCAT will comprise 56 MCQs with a weightage of 26.5% of the total.

Sr #NoSyllabus
1Force and motion
2Work and energy
3Rotational and circular motion
7Current electricity
9Electromagnetic induction
11Dawn of modern physics
12Atomic spectra
13Nuclear physics

English Syllabus

The remaining portion of the total 210 MCQS will be of English, comprising 20 MCQs making 10% of the total.

Sr # NameSyllabus
1Comprehend key vocabulary
2Elaborate on the control of tenses and sentence structure.
3Demonstrate the ability to differentiate between correct and incorrect Structure of sentences and writing conventions of spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.
4Demonstrate proper use of subject-verb agreement & of articles and prepositions.
5Demonstrate ability to identify mistakes in sentences or short written texts. These errors could be of wrong word order, vocabulary, etc.
6Demonstrate ability to comprehend short written text and select the most appropriate responses

Logical Reasoning Syllabus

Logical reasoning comprises 10 MCQs making up 5% of the total.

1A critical way of thinking
2Letter and symbol series
3Logical deduction
4Logical problems
5Course of action
6Cause & effect

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