PSW Registration 2022 Online

PSW Registration 2022 Online on this page. The Pakistan Customs Service has started a program for traders called PSW (Pakistan Single Window). International traders will be able to export and import goods with the help of digital tools. It is a free service that saves time and doesn’t cost anything. For the first time, the government of Pakistan has started a program called PSW to help traders. PSW is a digital platform that brings together import, export, and transit regulations and makes them better.

PSW Pakistan Registration

The Pakistani government was able to set up a way for customs and banks to work together. First, you have to sign up for PSW online through Through this post, you’ll find out how to sign up for PSW and how to pay for it. So keep reading this post all the way through.

PSW Registration Process 2022

Signing up for PSW is easy and can be done online. At, you can start the online registration process by subscribing. Click on the button that says Sign up on the main page. The next step, which is verification, is now up to you. Give your CNIC, NTN, SECP number, cell phone number, and email address. Put your PSW in designated banks. There is no subscription fee that can be refunded. PSW registration fees are paid too many banks.

PSW Enrollment 2022 Registration

Visit the NADRA office closest to you to get your biometrics checked. Candidates should come up with their own password so they can get back into their account. One trader is registered with the bank, and the bank gives him or her permission to trade. After that, traders won’t have to do trade transactions all at once.

Pakistan Single Window Registration 2022

Please go to and click the button that says Subscribe. After you click Subscribe, you’ll be taken to a new page with a link to the Terms and Conditions of Use. Please read the Terms and Conditions of PSW Subscription and check the box that says you agree to them. To continue with the subscription process, click the Proceed button. The page that says Subscription Information will show up. If you are signing up for PSW based on your NTN, choose the NTN holder entity type. Enter the first 7 digits of your NTN number and click the Validate button.

PSW Registration Last Date2022

PSW is a public base platform where traders can sign up online. PSW can help all traders whose business is to export and import goods from other countries. Nominated banks approve the profiles of traders who have signed up with PSW only once. Transaction verification will be less strict for them. Pakistan’s government wants to get more involved in international trade.

Authority Letter for PSW Registration

When you click the Validate button, the FBR database will pull the STRN, Company Name, Principal Activity, CNIC, Business Name, and Business Address. Enter your valid CNIC and Mobile Number (without the ‘0’, so 3331234567), and then click Generate Voucher. Once your payment goes through, your Payment Status will be changed to Paid. To move forward with the process, click the Procee button.

Pakistan Single Window PSW Registration Website

To start the PSW Registration process, you must first go to the PSW website at and then follow the step-by-step instructions below.

PSW Recruitment Process

Follow these steps to sign up for PSW. Go to in your web browser to start the process of signing up. Click the button next to Subscribe. Enter the NTN number and make sure your information is correct on the Subscription Information wizard. Give the subscriber’s CNIC and the mobile number that is registered with that CNIC. Make a voucher and pay through PSID as part of the Payment Process (Payment Slip ID).

Pakistan Single Window Login

After payment, OTP will be used to check the user’s credentials (One Time Password). Visit the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry to use the NADRA E-Sahulat Center for biometric verification. After biometric verification works, a link to create a password will be sent to the email address that was used to sign up. Use your UID and password to get into the PSW portal.

Pakistan Single Window Registration 2022

Rs.500 voucher online through an ATM, Internet Banking, Over Counter (OTC), or any other electronic method approved by the State Bank of Pakistan.

Authority Letter for PSW registration

This article shows that you’re interested in how to sign up for PSW, and you can be sure that this post will help you find the answer. Registration 2022

Please check back at that time to see if anything has changed. If the information is stored electronically and each piece of data is only needed once. Pakistan has said that it will develop and use its NSW by 2022. login

PSW will make it easier for government agencies to follow the rules that govern international trade. This can help economic actors like exporters, importers, and importers, as well as freight forwarders, shipping companies, clearing agents, transporters, etc., by making it cheaper, easier, and faster to follow these rules. Compliance will take less time, effort, and money to reach thanks to the introduction of PSW.

PSW Registration Meezan Bank

Foreign-owned and locally-owned businesses that don’t have a Pakistani national director or authorized representative registered with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) or the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) can now subscribe to the PSW system and trade across borders.

PSW weboc

If they are already in the FBR/SECP database, the new feature will also let Pakistani nationals who are directors of these companies go through biometric verification to sign up for PSW subscriptions. If neither the director nor the authorized representative is a Pakistani citizen, the subscription will be made by checking the bank account details electronically.

Acronyms & Abbreviations
01PSWPakistan Single Window
02NTNNational Tax Number
04NADRANational Database & Registration Authority
05NSWNational Single Window
06IFCInternational Finance Corporation
07EoDBEase Of Doing Business
08ITInformation Technology
09PMDPakistan MNP (Mobile Number Portability) Database
10FBRFederal Board of Revenue
11STRNSales Tax Registration Number
12CNICComputerized National Identity Card
13OTPOne Time Password
14ADCAlternate Delivery Channel
15PSIDPayment Slip Identification
16PKRPakistan Rupees
17ATMAutomated Teller Machine
18UIDUser Identity
19CUINCorporate Unique Identifier Number
20SECPSecurities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan
21SROStatutory Regulatory Order
22IRISInland Revenue Information System
23OGAOther Government Agencies
24SIMSubscriber Identity Module- Provided by Telecommunication Operator
25FTNFree Tax Number
26IMSIInternational Mobile Subscriber Identity

PSW Biometric Verification Online

These days, there is a NADRA office in every city in Pakistan. All of Pakistan’s NADRA offices offer online biometric verification for PSW. Every trader has to verify their PSW with biometrics. Pakistan’s customs office has opened PSW offices in many cities, such as Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Faisalabad. Dear friends, we hope this post is enough for you to sign up for PSW. The PSW authority will be able to tell you more.

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