Sindh University Scholarship Eligibility Criteria For Undergraduate_result

Sindh University Scholarship Eligibility Criteria For Undergraduate

Sindh University Scholarship Eligibility Criteria for undergraduate candidates is open. You must meet some basic requirements before he or you can be a student at GKS. All of these rules are below:

Nationality for Sindh University Scholarship

Applicants and their parents must not be citizens of the Republic of Korea, and they must not be from the same country. In this case, people who have dual citizenship but also have South Korean citizenship are not eligible. The applicants must be from one of the countries in that NIIED has chosen to participate. However, parents may be from countries that aren’t part of the GKS.

Sindh University Scholarship Age Limit

Applicants for undergraduate programs must have finished formal high school education or be on track to do so. They can apply for a Bachelor’s or an Associate’s degree. Aspirants who have already expected or are going to do an associate degree program can only apply for a bachelor’s degree program. Candidates by February 28, 2022, can apply. If they want to study at the GKS Center, NIIED, they must send official certificates or diplomas and their final academic transcripts by February 28, 2022.

Level of Education

On a 100-point scale, all applicants must have a GPA above 80% or more. Or, one should be in the top 20% of their class from the last school they went to. 2.64/4.0 There is a chance that the applicant’s transcript doesn’t have information on CGPA, or that it can’t convert grades into the GPS scales above. In that case, the applicant will need to send in more documents from their school that describe the school’s grading system.


The applicant must be in good physical and mental health so that they can complete their degree in Korea. If an applicant is found to be positive for drugs or has a serious illness that prevents them from studying in Korea for a long time, they might not be able to go to school in Korea for very long. In that case, they will not be able to choose the applicant in the last round.

Number of seats for Sindh University Scholarships

During the GKS undergraduate 2022-2023 programs, there are 220 scholarships that can be used. One is for people who want to work for the embassy, and the other one is for people who want to work for a college. Because they go through the embassy, they only pick 125 people, and 95 of them are available for universities. Candidates will get 100% funded scholarships that cover all the costs, no matter how they apply.

Required Documents:

Here is a list of all the things you need to send to either the Embassy Track or the University Track.

  1. In this case, the first form is the Application Form.
  2. A personal statement is a two-step process:
  3. 3A study plan.
  4. Single-letter recommendations.
  5. GKS Applicant Agreement.
  6. This is the sixth form of the personal medical assessment.
  7. Proof that you’re a citizen
  8. There are eight things you need to get a certificate for:
  9. In the transcript, there are 9 lines.
  10. Proof of Age

Optional Documents:

  1. A certificate from a test in Korean or English.
  2. a copy of awards and other certificates that have been given out
  3. A copy of the applicant’s passport.

How to Apply for Sindh University Scholarships?

They only accept applications at certain times of the year. There’s a notice about it on the government’s official site. There are a lot of different ways that these months work. For undergraduate programs, the application period usually runs from September to October. While for graduate programs at GKS, this time of year is usually February to March. Applications for the official study can be found on the Korean government website. You can find them by going to the official study.

There are two ways for anyone from outside of Korea to apply for the Global Korea Scholarship Program. Our names for these two ways of getting to school are the university track and the embassy track.

Most of the time, the applicant and their country of origin play a big role in which track they choose. There are different quotas and channels for each country, which is why this is the case.

Is this true? It will depend on what country you live in You may only be able to choose between the embassy track, the university track, or both at the same time Let’s see how both tracks are broken down in more detail below.

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