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Updated on: 9th October 2022

USAT Test preparation books, USAT Past Papers pdf, and USAT test syllabus 2022 check online from this page. Students who registered for the HEC Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (USAT) 2022 for Phase III are looking for USAT past papers. USAT solved papers, also called “past papers,” are sample papers that students can use to learn about the format of the ETC USAT paper. To take the USAT test in 2022, you must know what is on the USAT entry test syllabus. Based on this University Studies Admissions test, students should have to answer forty multiple-choice questions (MCQs) about quantitative reasoning. They will also have to answer 35 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) about verbal reasoning, and 25 of those questions may ask them to write an article in both English and Urdu.

Get USAT Past papers for Phase 3 test Preparation or USAT pre Medical Sample paper from this page.

USAT Past Papers 2022 Download

The Higher Education Commission has made the USAT Test required for all Pakistani students who want to get into an undergraduate program. Now, all students have to take the USAT Test, which is given by the HEC. The paper pattern for the USAT Test in 2022 has been posted by HEC. Students can get HEC USAT Past Papers & Paper Pattern by clicking on the link. Download the USAT old papers for the Batch 3 test from this page.

USAT Past Solved Papers Download Pdf

The answers to the USAT entry test are ready to be uploaded. My team did a lot of research on this topic and found so many easily solved USAT past papers for admission to Bachelor’s program. In the University Studies Admissions Test, candidates have to answer 40 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) about quantitative reasoning, 35 MCQs about verbal reasoning, and 25 questions that ask them to write an essay in English or Urdu.

USAT Pre-Medical Sample Papers

HEC USAT Pre-Medical Admission Test 16 October 2022. USAT Pre-Medical Sample Paper Solved download from this page, and check usat papers given in this post for an idea, of which type of papers will come.

usat past papers

USAT Past Papers and Paper Pattern

The test paper will be worth a total of 100 points. A candidate who gets at least 50% on the HEC USAT Batch 3 Test in September 2022 will be able to apply to any Pakistani university for undergraduate admission 2022. On this page, you can download old HEC USAT test papers. On 15th October, the HEC USAT Test will be held for Batch 3. The Undergraduate Study Admission Test is an important part of getting into any University as an Undergraduate. USAT is good for one year. This is how USAT Paper is distributed:

  • 35 points for verbal reasoning (MCQs)
  • Quantitative Reasoning is worth 40 points (MCQs)
  • 15 Marks of Writing an Argument-Based Essay (Urdu or English)
  • 10 Marks for Writing an Essay Based on a Story (Urdu or English)

HEC USAT Test 2022 Registration

The Scholastic Aptitude Test looks a lot like the USAT (SAT). The USAT is required for anyone who wants to apply to a college course in Engineering Management, IT Medical, Social Science, or Medicine. Once candidates have passed the USAT, they will be able to take part in all first-year college programs, including the SAT. The solved papers for the USAT entrance exam can be sent to me. In the research that my team has done on the subject, they have found that solving USAT past papers for Bachelor admission is very simple.

Passing Marks of USAT

Those who get at least 50% will be able to get into a program for an undergraduate degree. Admission Test Syllabus Papers pattern for the Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (USAT) in 2022. The test syllabus for the USAT Test in 2022 can be downloaded as a PDF. The USAT admissions test is set to take place on September 12, 2022, and is likely to be held in cooperation with HEC, ETC, and other organizations. Register online for the HEC USAT Entry Test 2022 by roll no. There were no test slips, answer keys or test results.

HEC USAT Roll No Slip 2022

If you want to take the HEC USAT in 2022, you might be looking for the Roll No slips. You can find the roll slips on the HEC or ETC websites. You can leave a comment if you have trouble getting your roll slip, and we’ll get back to you. The Higher Education Commission will be able to give an undergraduate admissions test with help from the Education Testing Council (USAT). All Pakistani universities will let you into their first-year programs if you pass the USAT. 

HEC USAT Test Registration 2022 Online

Registration is open for the HEC USAT Undergraduate Studies program for 2022. To sign up, go to On 9th September 2022, the last day to sign up online for the HEC USAT is. The entry test is likely to take place on 18th September 2022. Higher Education Undergraduate Studies Admission is for people who want to get an Associate Degree in Arts, Science, Commerce, or any other Undergraduate Discipline at any university in Pakistan that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has approved. Here, you can find out everything you need to know about the USAT Test Pattern | HEC Undergraduate Studies Admission Test 2022.

USAT Test Preparation Book Pdf

Sharing of USAT Past Papers with Answers and MCQs Check Papers USAT syllabus. University Studies Admission Test previous paper and curriculum are available in PDF format There will be 35 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on verbal content, 40 on quantitative reasoning, and 25 on essay writing.

USAT E Past Papers Pdf

Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (USAT) Admission Test Syllabus Papers pattern 2022. Undergraduate Studies Admission Test. Download the USAT Test syllabus 2022 in pdf here. Also available is the HEC test syllabus. The USAT Admission test is scheduled to take place on 15th October 2022, and will likely be administered by HEC and ETC. The HEC Undergraduate Studies Admission Test USAT Syllabus, Sample Papers, and Marking Distribution for 2022 are now available. online registration for the HEC USAT entry exam in 2022 Roll There were no slips provided for the test, answer key, or result.

USAT Test Past Papers Pdf

The test will have 35 multiple-choice questions on verbal reasoning and 40 multiple-choice questions on quantitative reasoning. There will be a combined 25-point essay in Urdu and English. Check Papers for distribution based on USAT Past Papers with Solved MCQs Questions and Answers USAT syllabus. University Studies Admission Test previous paper and syllabus are both available in PDF format.

USAT Past Papers Pdf

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has mandated that the USAT Test be taken by any student who wishes to enroll in an undergraduate program at any of Pakistan’s educational institutions. At this time, each and every student is required to take part in the USAT Test that is administered by the HEC. The format of the papers for the USAT Test 2022 has been uploaded by HEC. The HEC USAT Past Papers and Paper Pattern are available for students to download. The date of the USAT testing has already been set for October 15th, 2022.

USAT Past Papers Pdf Download

A candidate is considered qualified to apply for the HEC USAT Registration 2022 if they have either already passed the Intermediate Qualification or are currently awaiting the Intermediate Result. The USAT Test is now required for admission into Associate Degree programs at all of the Big Universities beginning in the year 2022. In addition, the PU Lahore Undergraduate Programs need applicants to have taken and passed the HEC USAT Test in order to be considered for admission.

USAT Paper 2022

Higher Education Commission (HEC) has announced the schedule for the University of Sindh Admission Test (USAT) 2021 programs that will be administered across all universities in Pakistan. Admission check for USAT Past Papers 2022 submitted to HEC college male Studies The USAT HEC Test Syllabus 2022 is administered on a quarterly basis, and universities are allowed to accept the score of the USAT. The final day to register online was September 9, 2022, and as a result, the USAT test is going to be taken on September 18, 2022, at least provisionally.

USAT Book Pdf Download

The Education Testing Council (ETC) will be responsible for administering the exam on behalf of the Teaching Commission across all universities that are operational in Pakistan. The format of the examination will be identical to that of the SAT. At the level of college boys, the USAT will cover all of the different disciplines.

USAT Test Syllabus 2022 Pdf Download

Students who are interested in furthering their education and who meet the requirements to enroll in a university are required to participate in the USAT Test Syllabus 2022. After successfully completing the USAT, students would be eligible for admission to any and all universities, exactly like with the SAT.

USAT old Papers
USAT old Papers
USAT old Papers
USAT old Papers
USAT old Papers

USAT Test Registration 2022 Last Date

The last day to sign up online for the HEC USAT 2022 test was September 9, 2022, and the test will be on. Click the button below to go to the website of the Education Testing Council (ETC) and get your own username and password. Put in your full name, the name of your father, your country of origin, your CNIC number, a strong password, and your phone number. As well as the email address of the person they want to send it to. Then, they hit the “Submit” button. The time to sign up for the HEC USAT Admission Test Online for 2022 is right now.

Categories of USAT Test

CategoryAcademic Discipline
USAT-AArts & Humanities
USAT-CSComputer Science

Eligibility Criteria of USAT 2022

  • Graduates of a 12-year secondary school program(HSSC) or its international equivalent
  • Those who have taken the final test and are now waiting for the results
  • Students who have a high school diploma or something that is the same as it in any field. A valid USAT score is one that is either over 50 or the same as 50. The best score you can get on the USAT is a perfect score of 100.

USAT Admission Test Date 2022

Anyone who has finished high school or the equivalent can sign up for the 2022 U.S. Admissions Test (SAT). You are eligible to apply if you have taken your last HSSC exam and are waiting for the results. At, you can now sign up online for ETC HEC 2022.

HEC USAT Test 2022 Syllabus

  • Verbal Reasoning = 35 Marks
  • Quantitative Reasoning = 40 Marks
  • Essay Writing = 25
  • Total Marks of USAT = 35+40+25= 100 Marks

USAT Test Syllabus

Check out the USAT Test syllabus issued by HEC. The details are as under Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (USAT) Having 12 years/ equivalent Education in any discipline. Part I, Number of Test Items (75 MCQs), Time Allowed 100 Minutes

Criteria and Subject DivisionSubject 75% Weight
A: Verbal Reasoning35 MCQ’s
A1: Analogy05
A2: Synonym02
A3: Antonym03
A4: Sentence Completion15
A5: Comprehension10
B: Quantitative Reasoning40 MCQ’s
B1: Arithmetic12
B2: Algebra and functions05
B3: Geometry05
B4: Equations04
B5: Statistics04
B6: Scenario Based/Mental Mathematics10

Part II,  Time Allowed 40 Minutes

Criteria and Subject DivisionSubject 25% Weight
Argument-Based Essay Writing Skills 01 out of 03 (Either in English or Urdu)    15 Marks
Narrative Based Essay Writing Skills 01 out of 03 (Either in English or Urdu)    10 Mark
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USAT Test Schedule Dates

Those who want to apply can do so on the HEC’s website. The coronavirus will watch everything to make sure that the experiment is done right. Exam fees and application fees can be paid online with either simple paisa mobile cash or jazz cash. All applicants must go through the online application process and send in a cover letter and résumé, as described above.

How to Apply for HEC USAT 2022

  • Please click on this link to register online:
  • If you get stuck during the online registration process, you can go to or one of the HEC’s regional offices.
  • The application process has two parts: making a profile in the “My Profile” section and sending an application through the “Undergraduate Studies Admission Test” links on the left-hand navigation bar.

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